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How to Send Secret Messages on iPhone

by Mrinal Saha
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Steganography is the practice of hiding a message within another message. The message can be in any form ⏤ text, images, video, and even physical objects. In this article, I’ll show you how to use steganography to send secret messages on iPhone using a little-known online tool. Let’s begin.

Send Secret Messages on iPhone

1. To get started, open any web browser on your iPhone.

open browser on iphone

2. Open https://neatnik.net/steganographr (opens in new tab).

neatnik steganographr page

3. You will see two text fields ⏤ Public message and Private message. Message written or typed in the Public message field will be visible to anyone, however, that written in the Private message field will stay hidden or remain secret.

4. Next, tap the Steganographize button below it.

Public and Private messages in steganographr

5. The page will process your data and after reloading, you will see a new Steganographized Message. This message looks exactly like your Public Message, however, contains your previously written secret message in it.

Steganographized Message containing secret message

6. Simply Copy the text in Steganographized Message and send it to your friends using any instant messaging app like iMessage, email, WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, Facebook, etc. However, some apps like Slack didn’t work properly in my testing, so make sure to check once.

send message using imessage on iphone

Once your friend receives your secret message, on the surface, it’ll look like a regular chat message. But only the person with the right knowledge knows how to reveal the secret message contained within.

Here’s how to read the secret message within.

7. To reveal the hidden text behind a received message, simply ask your friend to copy the text you sent them on messaging app and then open any browser on their device.

copying message in imessage

8. In the web browser, open https://neatnik.net/steganographr.

open chrome on iphone

9. Paste the copied text into the Public message field and hit the Desteganographize button.

desteganographize message in iphone browser

10. And that’s it. The secret message should be revealed.

secret message desteganographize message on iphone

Why I Like This Method to Send Secret Messages on iPhone

While there are many ways to send a secret text using encryption and cryptography, I like this method because it’s simple, does not attract attention, and restricts you to one app. You can send messages using this method on the most popular platforms.

Also, since it’s a web app, you can use it on your iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows PC, or pretty much any other device that has a web browser.

Do you know any better way to share a secret message on your iPhone? Let us know.

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