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How to Set a Family Picture on your Echo Show 5

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By default, there are only a few different wallpapers that you can change on your Echo Show but you do have an option to set a custom wallpaper. Here’s how.

Set a Family Picture on your Echo Show 5

I am assuming that you’ve already registered your Echo Show 5 and have the app installed on your phone. However, if you need help in registering your Echo Show 5, you can follow this link to know the steps. Once you have the Echo Show 5 up and running, start from here. You would need to use the smartphone to set a family picture on your Echo Show as it is the most convenient method.

Open the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone. Tap the Devices button on the bottom strip. Select Echo & Alexa to find your Echo Show 5 in the app.

open devices in the app

Tap the Echo Show 5 button to open its settings page, scroll down the settings, and tap Home Screen Background.

open home screen background

Now, select any picture from your Phone and arrange it in the preview mode. Here you can adjust the positioning which would allow you to judge how the picture would look on the Echo Show 5. Once you’re satisfied, tap the upload button to set the wallpaper.

upload the picture to echo show 5

There you go, that’s how the wallpaper would look on your Echo Show. Unfortunately, there is no way to select a bunch of pictures and set a slideshow, yet.

family picture set on Echo Show 5

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