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How to Set Up Digital Collectibles on Instagram

by Subham Raj
Digital Collectible Feature Image

Digital Collectibles is a new service that allows you to add non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to your Instagram profile. You can use it to showcase your digital assets, keep track of your collection, and share with friends. Now Instagram has started rolling out Digital Collectibles to more users across the globe. We’re going to show you how to set up Digital Collectibles on Instagram for the first time. Here are the steps to do so.

Setting up Digital Collectibles on Instagram

Note that if the feature is unavailable, it means Digital Collectibles is yet to roll out in your country or region. I will be using an Android phone for the set up process.

1. Open the Instagram app on your phone and tap on your profile icon in the bottom right corner to open your profile. Tap on the hamburger menu (3 horizontal lines icon). A list of options for your profile will open from the bottom of the screen.

Setting up Digital Collectibles on Instagram

2. Tap on Digital Collectibles in the list of available options. Then tap on Get started.

Tapping Digital Collectibles in your profile on Instagram

3. Tap on Continue to move on to the next page. You’ll be prompted to choose a crypto wallet from the list of supported wallets by Instagram. Select a wallet and tap on Continue and agree. This will redirect you to that particular crypto wallet app.

Agreeing and linking crypto wallet on Instagram

4. A signature request will appear on your screen, tap on Sign. Once the wallet is signed and connected, a pop-up will show on Instagram saying Wallet connected, tap on OK.

Signing wallet for Digital Collectibles on Instagram

5. The linked wallet will appear on the Digital collectibles page. And once you tap on the wallet, it will open show your NFTs from that wallet (we didn’t have an NFT, thus empty).

Connected Wallets for Digital Collectibles on Instagram

So, this is how you can link your crypto wallet to Instagram to showcase your NFT collection using Digital Collectibles on your profile.

Tip: Learn how you can pin or unpin posts on Instagram.


1. Is Digital Collectibles feature available on web app?

Yes, it is available to iOS users too and the steps to set up Digital Collectibles are also the same as on Android.

2. Is it available on the web?

No, it’s not available on the web version of Instagram to anyone as of now.

2. Which blockchains are supported?

Currently, the supported blockchains list include Ethereum and Polygon. Instagram is planning to add Solana and Flow soon to its platform for easy sharing and posting of NFTs.

3. Will there be any fees for posting a Digital Collectible?

No, there are not fees associated with posting and sharing a Digital Collectible on Instagram

4. Where can I find this on anyone’s profile?

If the user has set up Digital Collectibles, then yes, you can see it under a new section along with Posts and Reels called Digital Collectibles. The icon is a tick inside a hexagon. Here is an example of a profile who has set up Digital Collectible on Instagram.

Revisiting Digital Collectibles

In this new era of cryptos and NFTs, every platform is trying to fit into this new ecosystem. Twitter introduced NFTs as profile pictures and Instagram launched Digital Collectibles. So if you are a collector or an emerging artist who wants a platform to showcase their NFTs, and maybe find a potential buyer or a casual art admirer, with the help of Digital Collectibles, Instagram is trying to build a new type of community on its platform just like they did it with Reels.

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