How to set up TP-Link Smart Plug with Alexa

I recently bought an Echo Dot 3 and it came with a TP-Link smart Plug. Okay, I was getting a discount if I bought those two together, so I did. Although its very easy to connect Alexa with Smart Plug, but it can be challenging if you don’t follow the exact steps. I’ll show you how to set up TP-Link smart plug with Alexa. Let’s begin.

Setting up the TP-Link smart Plug with Alexa is two-parter and we’ll proceed with each step separately to avoid confusion.

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Let’s set up the smart plug first. I have the TP-Link HS100 smart Plug and we need to install the Kasa app and link the smart plug with the app.

Step 1

Install the Kasa app on your smartphone, you can go to the Play Store and the App Store to download it for Android and iOS respectively. After Installing it you’d need to create an account to be able to register your devices with the TP-Link servers and it would be easier to link it with Alexa afterward.

Tap on the create account button and create your account by following the steps it shouldn’t take you more than five minutes.

Step 2

After you’re done, log in to the account and register your smart devices with the account. This helps in creating a network of devices and easy to access with one common channel. You can add multiple devices with your account and you’d see a range of TP-Link smart home devices which are available.

To register the TP-Link HS100 we’ll tap on the Add device button on the top right. Now, select the type of smart Adaptor/ device you’re trying to register. In our case, we’ll go with HS100. Tap the icon to proceed.

The app would now attempt to try and connect the smart plug so it needs to be in pairing mode. Typically, it shows the instructions on the app and you can follow these instructions to connect TP-Link devices.

Step 3

For the Smart Plug, you have to press the reset button for 5 seconds to activate the pairing mode. The green and amber light would flash. If you don’t see the amber and green light flashing alternatively, press the button again for five seconds.

Now the app should connect to the smart plug and proceed automatically and set up the device but for some reason, if it doesn’t do that, you can go to your wifi settings and connect to the smart plug wifi hotspot. It is typically named “TP-Link smart Plug xxx”.

Step 4

Now go back to the Kasa App and it should now register your device and it would ask for your home wifi credentials, you can select your home wifi from the list and enter the correct password.

It is important because if you enter the password incorrectly, you would have to repeat the entire process again. Now after entering the correct password wait for a minute or two. It should finish the processing.

After your device is up and ready, can control it with the Kasa app. You can schedule a timer, you can check the log and schedule the plug to power ON/OFF at a set time.

Now that TP-Link is set up we need to set up and pair the device with Alexa.

Setup Alexa on Echo

If you already have an Alexa up and running then you can skip to step 6 and then follow the steps. For people setting up Alexa for the first time Read on.

Step 5

You have to install the Amazon Alexa app which can be downloaded from the Play Store and the App Store for Android and iOS respectively.

After you install the app you need to log in to the app with your Amazon account, typically your existing Amazon account works just fine with it.

After you’ve successfully logged in to your Amazon Alexa App, we need to link your Alexa to the account.

Step 6

Tap on the devices icon on the bottom right and press the add device icon(+).

Now power on your echo device and put it in pairing mode by pressing the Action button(.) for around 6 seconds. You should now see an orange light ring.

Go back to the Alexa app and attempt to connect to the echo device or if it isn’t showing then you can just go to the settings and connect with the echo wifi hotspot just like we did with the smart plug. The wifi name will show up like this “Amazon-xxx. Connect to it.

Now go back to the Alexa app and it should now finish the process by asking you to enter the home wifi. Enter the correct Wifi details and give it a minute to apply changes. After it’s done the Echo would prompt that it’s successfully activated.


Now both devices are exclusively set up and would work fine independently. To link your smart device with Alexa we need to enable the TP-Link Skill. 

Step 7

To install the skill, go to the Alexa app and tap the hamburger icon and select skills. Search for TP-Link and it would show you the results, select TP-Link Kasa Skill. Install it on your Alexa account.

It would require to link your TP-Link account link with Alexa for easy access. It would load up a page and ask for the TP-Link account credentials, Enter the details and press log in. After successful login, you can go back to the Alexa app.

Step 8

Now that the TP-Link account is linked to the Alexa account it would seamlessly allow Alexa to control the devices. Go to the devices tab by tapping the bottom right corner button. Tap all devices and look for the smart plug, tap the icon and it would discover the linked device from TP-Link account to the Alexa automatically.

It will now show up on the list of devices on Alexa account and you can natively control all the devices. You can also change the device name so it is more natural when you pass commands to Alexa. I named my smart plug “Table lamp” because it only powers the table lamp and feels more natural when I ask Alexa “Alexa, Power On the Table Lamp“.

Now I can just ask Alexa. “Hey Alexa, Turn on the table Lamp” and it obliges instantly. It is a really quick method and a great segue for integrating smart home appliances to your home.

How To set up TP-Link Smart Plug with Alexa?

I made this how-to article for people who have recently come across the smart home devices. It can be a little intimidating while setting up each device. I hope this article was a thorough guide on how to set up your smart devices. Once you set up one device it would be very easy for you to add more devices from then on. Tell us in the comments if you face any problem.

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