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How to Setup and Use Bing AI Chat on Android and iOS Keyboard

by Rahul Rai
How to Setup and Use Bing AI Chat on Android & iOS Keyboard

Ever since Microsoft joined hands with OpenAI, makers of ChatGPT, they are going all out with their AI-powered Bing. Till now, they have integrated Bing Chatbot into Edge, Bing Search, Skype, and now SwiftKey. And to use Bing AI Chatbot on your iPhone and Android keyboard, you can follow our step-by-step guide below.

Note: Before you proceed, make sure you have access to the Bing AI Chat. To learn how to get access to the new Bing Chat, check our comprehensive guide on it.

Setup Microsoft SwiftKey on Android

1. Before we begin, you first need to install the Beta version of Microsoft SwiftKey from the Play Store.

Note: As of April 2023, Bing AI Chat is solely available in the SwiftKey Beta version. Once it will be available in the stable version, we will update this article.

2. After the installation is complete, open SwiftKey to begin the setup process.

Microsoft SwiftKey Beta Android

3. Now tap on the Enable SwiftKey button and turn on the toggle next to Microsoft SwiftKey Beta Keyboard and then tap OK.

Enable SwiftKey Beta on Android

4. Next, hit the Select SwiftKey button and choose Microsoft SwiftKey Beta Keyboard.

Select Microsoft Swiftkey Beta on Android

5. Lastly, tap on the Finish Up button and you will be teleported to a sign-in page. Here you need to log in to your Microsoft account in order to access the Bing Chatbot.

to SwiftKey (Android)

That’s it. You should see the Bing AI chatbot icon in the upper left corner of the keyboard screen.

Bing AI Chat on Android Keyboard

Setup Microsoft SwiftKey on iPhone

Unlike Android, iOS users don’t have to install the beta version of Microsoft SwiftKey. You can straight away access the new Bing AI Chatbot in the stable version of SwiftKey.

1. Once you download SwiftKey app on your iPhone, open the app and tap on the Get Started button.

Microsoft SwiftKey on iPhone

2. On the next screen, you will be prompted to sign in using one of the available options. Make sure to select the Sign in with Microsoft option and then hit Continue.

to SwiftKey (iOS)

3. After entering your credentials, go to your iPhone Settings app or you can tap on the ‘Take me there’ option to directly go to Settings and scroll all the way to the bottom and tap on SwiftKey.

SwiftKey Settings on iOS

4. Next, select the Keyboards option and turn on the toggle next to SwiftKey.

SwiftKey Keyboard Settings (iPhone)

5. After that, you need to enable Allow Full Access and when a prompt appears, select Allow.

Allow Full Access to SwiftKey (iOS)

6. Now tap and hold the Globe icon and select SwiftKey to use it as your default keyboard.

Select SwiftKey as Default Keyboard (iOS)

That’s it. Now you will be able to access Bing AI Chat from within your iPhone keyboard using the Bing AI chatbot icon in the upper left corner.

Bing AI Chat on iPhone Keyboard

How to Use Bing AI Chatbot on Android and iPhone Keyboard

Once the setup is complete, you will find the Bing icon at the top left corner of the keyboard. Tapping on it will reveal three options — Search, Tone, and Chat. Search is selected by default.

Bing AI Chat Options on SwiftKey

Search: This feature will fetch search results from Bing directly right inside the keyboard. No need to open the Edge browser. You can search by both text and image by switching between the magnifying glass and the image icon at the bottom.

Bing AI Search Feature on SwiftKey

Tone: It lets you rephrase the text to different tones, including for professional, casual, polite, and social settings. If you are happy with the new tone, tap on Accept to auto-insert it or Copy to later copy-paste in another app.

Bing AI Tone Feature on SwiftKey

Chat: It works just like regular Bing AI Chat, where you can choose the conversation style and then type your query or speak it by using the mic. From there, you can copy any answer from the conversation and use it anywhere you want. Tap on the double-rectangle icon to copy the answer.

Bing AI Chat Feature on SwiftKey

And to clear all your conversations, simply hit the broom icon to begin a fresh conversation.

Broom Button on Bing AI Chat (SwiftKey)

Access Bing AI Chat Right at Your Fingertip

Microsoft SwiftKey is already a popular choice among Android and iPhone users, and integrating Bing AI directly into the keyboard gives it an advantage over other popular keyboard apps, such as Google’s Gboard. Moreover, this is one of those features that you can use in your day-to-day life. Whether you’re drafting a professional email, rephrasing a message, or searching for answers, you can do all these without even having to switch to another app. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download SwiftKey today!

If you’re interested in knowing how powerful Bing Chat is against ChatGPT, be sure to check out our detailed guide on it.

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