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How to setup Remote Desktop on Chromebook

by Ravi Teja KNTS

Working from Home is the best possible scenario for you and everyone around you right now. However, if you have a desktop setup at work that you can’t take home then one of the obvious things you can do is use a Remote Desktop setup. You can set up a remote desktop using just a Chrome browser. Let’s see how.

How to set up a Remote Desktop on Chromebook

Just like every other Remote Desktop setup, you’ll have to keep the PC at your work on and connected to the internet. Otherwise, this method won’t work. As this method uses a Chrome extension, it works on all the platforms which support chrome including Windows and Mac. So whether your host computer is a window or Mac, you are good to go.

Setup on PC at work

Open the Chrome Remote Desktop website on your work computer and click on the download button to install the extension on the web browser.

Also, note down the account that is logged in on your Chrome browser, we’ll need that later to access the PC from home.

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setting up remote access on host device

Click on Add to Chrome and wait for it to finish.

downloading chrome remote desktop by adding extension to chrome

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Now, simply click the “Accept and Install” button on the screen and click ‘Yes’ in the pop-up to give permissions.

Accepting and installing chrome remote desktop

Choose a name for your host device (work computer) and click Next.

Giving a name to host device for remote desktop

Now, enter a 6-digit PIN as security to access your system with remote desktop and click on start.

Setting PIN for accessing chrome remote desktop

Your system is ready to go. You just need to set up your home computer or Chrome Book to access your Work PC.

Host device ready for Chrome remote desktop

Remember, if the system sleeps or shutdown, the remote desktop will be stopped. So to access your desktop all the time, go to Settings on your work Computer > Power and Sleep > and turn all the 4 power options to Never. Also, make sure that to use a PIN or password instead of Windows Hello. Or else it will be a problem to open your device using remote desktop.

Setup on Chromebook

Open the Chrome Remote Desktop site on your Chromebook or any other computer that you have in your home. Make sure that the Chrome browser is logged in with the same Google account or else the process won’t work. The website will automatically scan for available devices and show you the Work PC.

remotely accessing desktop from Chromebook

Enter the 6-digit PIN that we set earlier on the Work computer.

Entering PIN to access remote desktop

And that’s it. You can now access your work desktop using your Chromebook.

Accessing remote desktop on Chromebook

Apart from standard screen mirroring, you also have various options to change such as the display resolution, full-screen, etc. You can also transfer files, enable clipboard sync, and use hotkeys.

changing chrome remote desktop options

Wrapping up

As per my usage, I can say the lag is not that bad, however, it feels a bit weird playing videos. So if your workflow doesn’t demand playing videos or editing footage, then you should be in the clear. If there are any apps that are also available on Linux, it is better to use Linux apps instead of using windows apps with remote desktop. Check out the best Linux apps for Chromebook.

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