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How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone Lock Screen

by Gaurav Bidasaria
How to Get Battery Percentage on iPhone Lock Screen

There is no native way to display battery percentage on the iPhone screen yet. However, iOS 16 does support widgets on the lock screen and there are battery widgets that we can now take advantage of to show battery percentage on the iPhone lock screen.

Let’s begin.

Using Battery Percentage Widget on iPhone Lock Screen

iOS 16 has brought with it a cool new lock screen where you can add all sorts of widgets. One of them can be a battery percentage widget. So you no longer need to buy an expensive third-party app just to display battery percentage on the lock screen of your iPhone.

1. Lock your iPhone. Press anywhere on the screen once to view the display. You should see the lock screen now. Tap and hold to see the + plus icon and Customize button. Swipe left to create a new lock screen that you can customize from scratch or tap on Customize on the existing lock screen to begin adding widgets. We will customize the existing lock screen so tap on Customize at the bottom of the screen.

iphone lock screen customize options

2. Choose a wallpaper if you want and when done, tap on the +plus icon below the clock widget.

iphone lock screen widgets option

3. A Widgets Panel will appear from the bottom. Tap on Batteries here and you can select iPhone and even Apple Watch battery widgets. Just tap to add them. There are two different sizes to choose from. One displays a bar while the other shows the battery percentage which is what we are after.

iphone lock screen battery widgets panel

Here are Apple Watch battery widgets in the same menu but on a different iPhone.

iphone lock screen battery widgets icons

4. When done, close the Widgets panel by tapping on the X icon and then tap on Done to save settings.

iphone lock screen phone battery widget

Here is what the Apple Watch battery widget looks like on a different iPhone.

iphone lock screen watch battery widget


1. How Many Widgets Can You Add to iPhone Lock Screen

The space below the Clock widget is limited and cannot accommodate more than 4 small widgets or 2 large ones. The area won’t expand automatically but instead, throw an error if you try to add more widgets than that.

2. Does It Support Third-Party App Widgets

It seems that widgets from third-party apps are not supported yet but that may change in the final build easily with a software update. Follow us on social media to stay updated.

Battery Percentage on My iPhone Lock Screen

Here are some thoughts. First, we are using the beta version of iOS 16 (unveiled at WWDC2022) which is a little buggy right now. That’s one reason why the iPhone battery percentage widget wasn’t visible on my iPhone but was working just fine on my colleague’s.

The ability to add battery percentage widgets to the lock screen for all your connected devices like iPhone, Watch, and maybe AirPods is a welcome addition. I hope they will soon support a battery percentage widget for Macs too. Fingers crossed.

Can’t wait for iOS 16? There are a few other ways to view the battery percentage icon on your iPhone. On a side note, here is how you may get an alert when iPhone battery reaches 80% charging.

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