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How to Smartly Follow Stocks Using Google Assistant

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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Google provides you an easy option to track the stock prices for a given period of 1 day, 5 days, 1 month, 1 year, 5 years, or max, and not just that, you can also compare it with other companies. Moreover, it also provides articles and the latest news about that company as search results thus making it a one-stop destination for many people to track their portfolio.

The only caveat is, you have to type the names of different stocks one by one. Only if there was a way you can see all your stocks in one glance? Turns out, you can. Here’s how you can track stocks using Google Assistant.

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How to Follow Stocks Using Google Assistant

The following stock using Google Assistant is simple, Just search for the company’s stock price in Google app on your smartphone. For example, you can search “Netflix stock price”, “Apple Share” or even the symbol like “TSLA” etc to search for the stock price.

Along with the Stock Price, you can also find a small “+Follow” button below the name. You can click on it to start tracking that company with Google Assistant.

If you are looking to follow multiple companies, the better way is to open the Google Finance website and add companies you want to track to your watchlist. To do that Open “Your Stocks” tab and click on “+Add”.

Here you can search the company name and click on the “+” sign beside to start tracking it. Once you have done that for all the companies you want to track, click on Done.


That’s it, now you can track all the companies in your watchlist from the Google Assistant. To view, you just need to open Google Assistant and click on the Snapshot button at the bottom left corner. And here you can find the current stock price of all the companies you are following.

For further details, you can just click on the company’s name and it will open the Google search where you can find even more details with graphs, comparing charts, news, etc.

You can click on the edit at the buttom of that shot to add or remove the companies in future.

You can also open the snapshot page from the Google app by selecting the Snapshot icon at the bottom.

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