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How to Stop App Store From Asking for Password on iPad

by Subham Raj
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iPad has been a versatile family device. There might be instances when you need to share your iPad with your partner, siblings, or cousin. And it can be frustrating when they keep asking you for the password or FaceID because they want to install an app/game from App Store. If you’re looking for a permanent solution, then here’s how to disable password to stop App Store from asking for a password before every app install. But first, let’s have a look at the root cause and side effects.

Why App Store Keeps Asking for Password (or Face ID or Touch ID)

The answer to this is simple. Apple wants you and only you to have complete control over your iPad. Because in some scenarios, it is useful. For example, if you give your iPad to a kid, he might accidentally purchase something pricey from the App Store. But if you don’t have a kid in your home and you want your iPad to be easily accessible to other people, then let’s unravel the steps to disable this.

Note: You can disable FaceID, TouchID, and Password for free downloads, but for App Store purchases, it can’t be disabled. As it is restricted by the iPadOS itself for your own good.

Disable Face ID/Touch ID/Password on App Store

1. Go to your iPad home screen by swiping up on the screen. Swipe left until you open App Library. Tap on Settings to open it.

2. Tap on your Apple ID in the Settings, then tap on Media & Purchases. A pop-up will appear on your screen, tap on Password Settings.

3. A page will open named Require Password. Under the Free Downloads section, there will be a toggle named Require Password. Tap on that toggle to turn it off. It will ask for your Apple ID Password, fill in your password, then tap on Done to save changes made.

You will be redirected to Require Password page after successfully entering your Apple ID password. You’ll find the toggle next to Free downloads turned off now. This means we’ve successfully disabled the App Store constantly asking for Face ID, Touch ID, and Password for free downloads.

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1. Can I turn the App Store password back on?

Yes, you can. To do so, navigate back to Require Password page by following the above-mentioned steps and turn the toggle next to Free Downloads on.

2. Will the App Store ever ask for a password?

Yes or No. If it’s a paid purchase then it will ask for Face ID, Touch ID, or Password for verification purposes. And if it’s a free download then it won’t bother you.

3. Will it affect my in-app purchases on the App Store?

Nope. The in-app purchases are always protected by your unique Face ID, Touch ID, or password and whenever you or someone tries to purchase something in an app, it will ask you to verify the payment.

4. Are the steps to disable the password for App Store the same on my iPhone?

Indeed. The steps to do so are completely identical to iPadOS, so navigating to Require Password page won’t be a hassle for you.

App Store Security

Security has become an integral part of our digital identity now. So, to save yourself from accidental purchases and misuse of your device, you should definitely keep the Require Password toggle on for free downloads too. But if you want to stop App Store from asking for password for every free download, you can do so by quickly from Settings. Once you’re done securing your iPad, you might want to learn how to start SharePlay in the Messages app on iPhone and iPad.

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