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How to Unpin and Remove My AI From Snapchat Quickly

by Gaurav Bidasaria
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Snapchat recently released its own version of AI chatbot called My AI for all users. Whether you are a paid subscriber or a free user, you will notice the My AI chatbot pinned at the top of your chats. Powered by ChatGPT, it has received tremendous backlash from the community. We will show you how to remove My AI and unpin it from the chat list on Snapchat quickly.

What Is Happening

The backlash and anger stem from the unsolicited sharing of location data leading to privacy concerns. It seems that Snapchat is collecting location data without users’ consent.

Snapchat claims:

It only has access to your location if you’ve already granted location permission to Snapchat and start chatting with My AI.

Note that if you are in ghost mode, your friends can’t see you on the SnapMap but My AI chatbot may still have access to the location if you have granted permission to the Snapchat app.

However, several Reddit users found that My AI had access to their location and was able to recommend nearby restaurants even though the location was not shared. Since then, hundreds of users have left 1-star reviews on the apps’ App Store and Play Store pages.

Snapchat went popular among teens because it allows them to send messages and media that are instantly deleted upon viewing. Privacy is a real concern because users have caught AI lying about not having access to their location. It raises questions like whether the AI has access to their lens and other messages. We don’t know.

Note: For now, only Snapchat+ subscribers can remove My AI from the chat feed, as confirmed by Snapchat in a tweet. This has further enraged the users as they feel Snapchat is forcing their AI chatbot on users. It’s also strange because premium features are usually reserved for paid users. Here, Snapchat wants you to pay to remove a premium feature.

How Unpin Snapchat AI From Chat

You can unpin any chat from Snapchat and My AI chatbot is no different. There are two ways to do it but we will show the fastest way directly from chat feed window.

1. Simply tap and hold the My AI chat to reveal a pop-up. Now select Chat Settings. In the next menu, tap on Unpin Conversation.

unpin snapchat ai from chat feed window

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What Happens When You Unpin Snapchat My AI

You can still interact with the My AI chatbot as it has not been disabled. You have simply unpinned the chat window so it will no longer appear at the top of your feed by default.

As you chat with other friends, those chats will begin to appear above My AI heading. The next time you want to chat with Snapchat’s My AI chatbot, either scroll to find it or use the search icon at the top to locate it quickly.

search for my ai chatbot on snapchat

When to do it: Unpin My AI chatbot if you don’t want to see it constantly at the top of the chat feed but may want to chat with the bot sometimes.

How to Remove Snapchat My AI From Chat

You will have to clear My AI chatbot from the Snapchat chat feed to completely remove it. Again, you can do it from the settings too but we will directly do it from the chat window. That’s quick and easy to do.

1. Again, simply long press on the My AI chat heading, select Chat Settings and then tap on Clear from Chat Feed.

2. Snapchat will ask to confirm your decision. Tap on Clear to do so.

clear my ai chatbot from snapchat chat feed

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What Happens When You Clear My AI From Snapchat

When you clear a chat, whether that is My AI or any other chat window, it will be removed completely from the list of chat feeds. You won’t find it upon scrolling. However, you can still search for it if you ever feel like initiating a chat with it.

When to do it: Clear My AI and remove it from the chat feed if you neither want to see it at the top of the chat feed nor want to converse with it ever. You can still search for it though if you ever feel like using it.


1. Why Snapchat has pinned My AI at the top of the feed?

It’s a new feature and this is Snapchat’s way of highlighting it. They want you to use it. Also, AI chatbots are trending these days with every other app integrating the ChatGPT API in some form or shape.

2. Can I disable My AI completely?

No, that option is not available. But as long as you are not interacting with it, you should be good.

AI or No AI? That Is the Question

It seems that companies are rushing to impose AI chatbots on their users even though there are many who want nothing to do with it. Not all apps are ready for AI integration. Users don’t want to chat with a bot on every app. At least, they should be given the option to opt out. AI chatbots should not be compulsory.

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