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How to Upload Music to YouTube Music From Mobile

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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Similar to Google Play Music, users can also upload their own songs to YouTube Music. But Google being Google, only lets you upload songs to YouTube Music when you are on the desktop. Simply, go to the YouTube Music website from your computer, click your profile, and click Upload music from the options. Once done, all your uploaded songs should be available in your library. But unfortunately, there is no such option if you want to upload music from Android or iOS.

Google Play Music vs YouTube Music.

Before we begin, it’s worth knowing, there are few limitations while uploading songs to YouTube Music as compared to Google Play Music. For instance, unlike Google Play Music, YouTube Music doesn’t allow few file formats such as MP4, there is no option to download your uploaded songs, neither can you access your uploaded files via a Google Home and much more. You can find the full list of differences on the Android police website.

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Uploading Songs to YouTube Music on Mobile

As the YouTube Music app doesn’t support uploading features, you need to open the YouTube Music website on the browser to upload the songs. You can only upload up to 100,000 songs to YouTube Music Library and you cannot upload in channel account or brand account, so you need to use a personal account to upload your music. Also make sure your music file format is MP3, M4A, OGG, FLAC, or WMA.

To upload songs, open music.youtube.com on your mobile browser. Now click on the profile pic at the top right corner. Here you can see an option called “Upload music”, click on it.

This will open your file manager, select the songs you want to upload, and click select.

If you are uploading for the first time, you will get an option to accept their policy. Once done your songs will start getting uploaded.

Anyhow, the upload function on YouTube Music mobile view is still buggy and stop getting uploaded in the middle with no reason claiming file format is not supported.

Anyhow, you can open desktop mode by clicking on the browser’s three-dot menu and click on the desktop site option. The same songs will get uploaded without any issue.

Wrapping up

You can check out these songs in your Library and then select songs or albums to find your uploaded music. Although do keep in mind, once you’ve imported songs, there’s no way to download. Anyhow as of now, uploaded music will not be visible on the homepage or search suggestions. You need to keep them separate as uploaded songs and you can only find them in your library.

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