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How to Use Microsoft Bing Image Creator

by Ravi Teja KNTS
How to use Microsoft Bing Image Generator

Bing AI Chat powered by ChatGPT is quite popular as it is integrated into Bing Search and can even do many things better than ChatGPT itself. Along with the text generator, Microsoft recently introduced an Image generator that is powered by OpenAI’s DALL-E 2. In this article, we will explain how to use Microsoft Bing Image Creator, where you can access it, and some pros and cons it has over other image-generating services. So let’s begin.

How to Access and Use Microsoft Bing Image Creator

AI Image generators are tools that can generate images based on your text input. As the images are generated by AI, you can use these images anywhere without worrying about copyrights. Microsoft’s Bing Image Creator is powered by another image-generating service called DALL-E 2 from OpenAI. There are two ways to access Microsoft Bing’s Image Creator. You can access it from the Bing Image Creator website and the Edge Browser’s side panel.

Let’s start with the Bing Image Creator website as you can access it from any browser or even on mobile.

1. Unlike the Bing AI Chat, Image Creator is not included directly in the Bing Search. But you can access it from the bing.com/create link that comes under the Bing domain.

2. In case, you haven’t logged in to your Microsoft account on your browser, click on the Join and Create option.

Join and Create on Bing Image Creator

3. On the next page, log in to your Microsoft account.

Microsoft Bing Image Creator login

4. You will land on the Bing Image Creator home page. Here you should see a gallery of images generated from the Microsoft Bing Image Creator. Hovering on any of the images will show the prompt given to generate that output.

Microsoft Bing Image Creator

5. You can take those prompts as an example and enter your own prompt in the above text box. Once done, click on the Create button.

Creating Image with prompt on Bing Image Creator

6. It should take a couple of seconds and then generates 4 images based on your text prompt.

Images created with Bing Image Creator

7. To download any of these images and use them, just click on them to open. Then click on the Download button to save that image locally.

Downloading image from Bing Image Creator

8. Once generated, you can access these images anytime from the Creations tab on the Image Creator home page. So you always have the option to revisit and download them later.

Another way to use Microsoft Bing Image Creator is from the Edge browser’s side panel.

1. Open the Edge Browser and click on the Image Creator icon in the right side panel of the browser.

2. If you are not able to see the side panel, click on the Bing icon at the top right corner and then click on the Image Creator icon.

Image Creator on Edge Browser

3. It opens a sidebar on the right with Image Creator within. Just type your text prompt in the text box and then click on the Create button to generate images.

Generating image from Bing Image Creator

4. Four images should be generated and will be visible in the sidebar itself.

Images generated from Image Creator on Edge Browser

5. To download, select the image, click on the meatballs icon, and then click the Download option to download the selected image.

Downloading images from Bing Image Creator on Edge Browser

That’s it, now you can generate images using text prompts whenever you want using Bing Image Creator.

Bing Image Creator Tips and Tricks to Create Better Images

The process of generating images from these AI image generators is easy. The hardest part is entering the correct prompt to generate the needed images. Here are tips.

1. When entering the text prompt, make sure to add details in the description to get better results. Instead of just using the subject, also add an adjective about the subject.

2. Include details related to the action of the subject and its location.

3. Add details about the art style at the end to get images in the preferred style.

4. Bing Image Creator has a Surprise Me button that will automatically fill it with a random prompt automatically.

5. Bing Image Creator comes with points called Boosts. It will consume 1 Boost every time it generates a batch of images. You will get 25 Boosts for free and Microsoft will replenish more Boosts at irregular times. If you run out of Boosts, you can get more by redeeming Microsoft Rewards. While Boosts only speed up the image generation process, you can still generate images even without Boosts.

6. Finally, you will be notified when you are out of Boosts. Until then, you can redeem Microsoft Rewards whenever you want.

Pros and Cons of Using Microsoft Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creator generates copyright-free images that you can use anywhere like any other image generator tool out there. But the real advantage of Bing Image Creator lies in the pricing. Unlike DALL-E 2 which has a freemium model, Bing Image Creator provides unlimited image generations for free. Though it has a concept of Boosts, that is only meant to make the process faster. You will get output even without Boosts. Also, you don’t have to pay anything for Boosts. Instead, you can simply use Microsoft Rewards to get more Boosts.

Microsoft Rewards is a free program that anyone can join. You will be given some tasks upon completing which, you will receive some rewards that can be redeemed for various Microsoft apps.

There are many disadvantages too. You can only generate a square image in 1024×1024 resolution. Just like DALL-E 2, you will get workable images only when you provide enough details. Also, Bing Image Creator cannot edit any images or even generate variations of images it generated.

Using Microsoft Bing Image Creator

While DALL-E 2 comes with a credit system where you have to buy more credits to continue using it, Bing Image Creator is free with Boosts which makes the process faster. Unlike Bing AI Chat, the Bing Image Creator web app works on any browser including mobile browsers. Apart from the web app and Edge Browser side panel, you can also access Bing Image Creator on the Bing mobile app.

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