HubPages Review: How Much Money Can You Make

I joined HubPages back in 2012, but really started writing articles in late 2014 and within six month, I received my first income from HubPages. It’s not much (60$), but it helps.

Screenshot of my income report on hubpages
Screenshot of my income report on hubpages

And now, I feel comfortable enough, to share insights about HubPages, like its pros and cons, how much money can one make on HubPages etc.

What is HubPages ?

HubPages is blogging community. During the sign-up, you get choose a sub-domain for your blog. For instance mine is

Once you sign up, you can start writing article immediately. These articles are called ‘hubs’. You can write on any topic you like and make money out of it. Of course it’s easy said, than done.

How HubPages work?

Now that you know what HubPages is, you may want to know how people make money from it. Right ? Well the answer is simple –Advertisements!

You write high quality content on lets say, ‘top 5 fastest cars’ and HubPages will put a relevant ads like car insurance etc. Now if visitors reading your article like these ads and click on them, you make money. And so does HubPages.

HubPages is different from self-hosted blogs as it’s easy to setup and one don’t have to pay for hosting or domain.

How much money can one make on HubPages ?

HubPages is obviously not a scam. You can really make money on HubPages. I know, because I did.

To understand its potential, let’s first understand its revenue model. One can earn money on hubpages by using advertisement like Google Adsense, Amazon affiliates and Ebay affiliates.

overview of hubpages earning program

The split is 60-40 i.e. for every 100$ you make you get keep 60$ while HubPages take the rest for providing you hosting and writing platform.

But lets talk numbers. Apparently I have some 37 featured hubs (articles) which make 10-15$ a month. But it take time for content to ripe. So if you can write around 50-70 articles, then you can expect 50$ every month. HubPages is good source of passive income.

However it’s big generalization, revenue depends on your niche, cpc, cpm and many other factors. You may make more or less.

How do you get paid from HubPages ?

Apparently the only way to get paid from HubPages is via Paypal. Minimum payment threshold is 50$.

When do you get is paid, is slightly complicated, as it depends on your revenue modal (ebay, amazon affiliates or adsense etc). Mostly you get paid after 28th of every month, provided that you reach the threshold.

Who should try HubPages ?

HubPages is for people-

  • Who are non-technical and enjoy writing (housewife)
  • Who already have a full-time 9-5 job and wants to write part-time
  • Who want to generate small yet passive income
  • Who wants a ready-made audience ( HubPages community)
  • Who don’t have a desire to create their own blog

Who should avoid HubPages ?

HubPages is not for people-

  • Who like full control of their website
  • Who work full-time online
  • Who want to make quick money from writing articles
  • People who run websites of their own
  • Who wants back links for their ‘other blog’

True or False

1. Is is easy to get approve for Adsense with HubPages ?

True. Many people (include a close friends) get their Adsense approve with only 5-10 quality hubs. However this was few years ago, now HubPages quality has decline and so is the traffic it gets from Google.

2. Hubs rank high in SERP

False. Based on my personal experience I can say, HubPages don’t rank like they used to be, few years back. Over time it has attracted a lot of internet marketer and since then its quality has declined.

3. HubPages is good for backlinks

False. HubPages is among high PR website and people often create hubs for back-links. But it’s no use, because most outbound links on HubPages is no-follow. It’s believed that author should be 75 or more to get do-follow links. So if you are looking for guest post, keep this criteria in mind.

4. One can make easy money on HubPages

False. Most people join HubPages for easy money but they are misguided. This is partly because of HubPages affiliate program. People encourage other to join hubpages as they get 10% commission from referral.

But the truth is, it’s not easy to published article on HubPages because of their high quality standards.


hubpages review

Is HubPages is legitimate way of making money online? Yes. But an average joe, can’t make thousands of dollars from it.

It’s good for non-technical people who don’t want to burden themselves with domain, hosting or site management problem. However because of its 60-40 revenue, I will always suggest you build your own blog.

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