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10+ Best Instagram Story Template Apps for iPhone and Android

by Arjit pratap singh
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If you are not new to Instagram, you might have seen big influencers using cool templates in their Instagram stories. Their stories consist of a collage of pics and videos with fancy fonts and borders. Thankfully, you can also make those creative Instagram stories under a minute with the help of 3rd party Instagram story template app. Let’s check them out.

Instagram Story Template Apps

1. Unfold

Unfold is one of the most trusted apps when it comes to Instagram story templates. It has a classy and intuitive interface that makes the process of choosing a perfect template and working on it very easily. The app has some perfectly designed in-app purchases. You can choose a pack of your choice to get additional templates and designs.

On the very home screen of the app is the album page. You can work on multiple stories at any given time by creating separate albums on the home screen. You can choose multiple pages in one album hence creating a full story design in one place and the same chronology. Moreover, there are options to insert various collage frames and text apart from a basic color outline of each frame. The app keeps it basic but elegant so your story will come up just fine at the end. Simply tap the download icon once you are done editing, to save the story or a single page to your iPhone’s ‘Photos’ app

Download Unfold for iOS and Android (free, in-app purchases)

2. Spark Post

Spark Post is a template app by Adobe. Now that makes the intro real easy as its self-explanatory. But is it? The app could get as confusing for some people as useful it would be for others. It has an extensive list of templates under various heads with furthermore editing options.

On the home screen of the app, you will see several templates under various heads like Collages, Seasonal, Lifestyle, Business, School, Travel, Food, and Craft. Tap on any template to explore further options and click on ‘remix this template’ to jumble between other alignment options. Other editing options include Design, Palette, Size, Layout, and Effects. You can choose to save your work on to the local memory or share it to Instagram or Facebook directly.

Download Adobe Spark Post for iOS and Android (free, $100 yearly)

3. Animoto

Animoto, as the name suggests, is an app that offers animated story templates in video formats. The app offers preset templates to work on or you may choose to use all resources available and start from scratch. The app could be even used by digital marketing professionals for social blogs etc.

It also has preset templates like Product Launch, Fashion Blog, Social Blog, and Property Listings apart from a plain template to start your design from scratch. The templates are so designed to give your story an advertisement look in most cases. The additional feature here is the background music for which the app even has its own music library to choose from an awesome collection.

Download Animoto: Slideshow Maker for iOS and Android (free, $5 Monthly)

4. Uniq

Uniq is a collage based templates app for your Instagram stories. The app is simple in use and yet has extensive options in templates.

On the home screen, the app offers collage templates under heads like Minimal, Analog, Paper, Love, Funky, and Promo. The app offers free as well as paid templates. Although you can still try the paid versions but cannot save it natively, to which an alternative could be screenshot but only if you are not concerned about the quality of the image. Additionally, the app has its own link ‘@uniq.app’, which is used in your story might get you featured in their Instagram account.

Download Uniq – Instagram Story Maker for iOS (free, $4 one time purchase)

5. CutStory

Another multi-purpose app on the list to create an Instagram story of your liking. CutStory is more like a photo and video editor app that has options that specifically suit the Instagram media model. You can have regular edits on a photo or a video file and customize it to fit the story.

CutStory allows you to import any video or photo file from the gallery and edit it with options like resizing, layout, stickers, and even music and audio recording. The app does leave a watermark which could be removed by an in-app purchase. The edited file can be downloaded and saved on to your iPhones ‘Photos’ app.

Download CutStory for Instagram Stories for iOS (free, in-app purchases)

6. Story

Although I have been calling the previous apps easy, this is even easier. The story app is specially designed for the job and hence does exactly what is required of it, nothing less, nothing more.

The app has some basic yet very useful animated drafts wherein you can just have to change the images and insert text if any and you’re good to go. Since it is specially made for Instagram stories, it has its own set of action icons like the most commonly used ‘swipe up’ GIF. You can very well complete the whole story to every last inch of it on this app itself.

Download Story – Stories for Insta.gram (free)

7. StoryArt

StoryArt is yet another specially designed apps for creating stories for social media but it takes the effort a little ahead than others on the list. Although the list of templates and animations is extensive in this app, most of them are locked and can only be used by premium version users.

StoryArt will offer you some creative artwork for every page of your story. You may choose a collage with various designs or you may choose a design with text templates. Only here, the texts are not random but actually compliment the template design. The app even takes a further step and gives you multiple options for a cover photo of your story which is again custom designed and available for almost all kinds.

Download StoryArt – insta story creator for iOS and Android (free, $10 yearly)

8. Panoram

Not specifically a story creator or template but yes, one of these kind had to be on the list. Panoram helps you to perfectly place a panorama picture in one story or multi-file upload by dividing it into multiple parts. Depending on your file size the app may suggest you divide the image into three to five parts where the image is so precisely cut that it would seem as if the image is in continuation when swiped through.

Download Panoram – Stories Photo Editor for iOS (free, $1 for premium)

9. Canva

Well, what we have here is a multi-purpose app that in addition to Instagram, also helps you create social media content for Facebook, YouTube, and your website, etc. This app is basically to create all sorts of posts, flyers, posters, invitations, collages, and even visiting cards, and much more.

To create an Instagram story just open the app and choose the Instagram story template. Under that, you’ll find a number of templates for various occasions. You can choose any one of them and tap on individual elements to change or replace them with your personal touch. You may even start with a blank template and use the given options to create your own theme from the beginning.

Download Canva – Graphic Design Creator for iOS and Android (free, in-app purchases)

10. PicPlayPost

A mobile video creator designed with Instagram on the mind, that’s the first impression it gives you. The name ‘PicPlayPost’ itself suggests that its a video creator that allows you to directly post the created file on social media.

So whatever you can think of in a mini-movie editing software, you’ve got it here at your fingertips. Text, stickers, and filters is just an outline, here you can do voiceovers, reorder video files, edit, trim, split, and whatnot. You can save an unfinished project and restart from where you left if it’s lengthy. Once you are done you can save the file or even directly share it on any platform.

Download PicPlayPost Movie Video Editor for iOS and Android (free, in-app purchases)

11. Posters: Story Editor

If you think Canva is a bit complicated to use, Posters is a toned version. It’s a great tool for people who have a business account on Instagram. There are many templates like product preview, product quotation, and watermark. If you’re stuck anywhere you can browse through the tutorial section (YouTube) from the app. You can also browse various templates that are grouped according to format such as story, post, photo + text, photo + header, photo grid, etc.

If you love splitting your pictures, there is the Giant Square Photo Grid option as well, so you don’t have to download an extra app. Besides that, you can find basic editing features, like changing background, text, sticker and Gif support, too.

Download Posters: Story Editor for Android

12. Instagram Layout

This one isn’t an Insta story template generator per se. However, if your feed is filled with a lot of collage pictures, this might give you a breath of fresh air. You don’t need to manually crop and adjust your pictures. Because it’s an official Instagram app, you don’t need to worry about compatibility or quality issues.


You can simply choose any picture from your gallery or click instantly with the built-in Photo Booth feature. Then you have to pick the layout of your choice. The app makes editing easy by using drag-and-drop gesture to swap images, mirror and flip options to change the look of your post.

Download Instagram Layout for iOS and Android 

Closing Remarks

If you want an app where you can create multiple stories and separate albums, Unfold is the best app for you. Canva is an app that can add to your Instagram game to the next level. It has several templates as well, which makes it a go-to choice if you want to handle all your social media accounts.  Lastly, if making collages if, on your mind, there is nothing simpler than Instagram Layout. there is no drop in quality and it’s very easy to use.

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