How to install mts mblaze and photon+ in Ubuntu 12.04

Many beginners faces the problem on how to run internet on Ubuntu 12.04 using usb dongle. I had faced the problem , after inserting the dongle the nothing was prompt on the screen unlike windows. After looking on the web I find various solution some were basic while other were not.Watch out this video on how to configure mts mblaze and photon+ in Ubuntu 12.04

In this article i will discussing the method which worked for me and most probably will work for you too.

Follow the instruction

(Steps are same for mblaze and photon+ )

1. Go to your Dash Home by pressing  window key on your keyboard and search “network connection”

dash home




2. On the new window select .

mobile broadband tab and click on add

3. Wait for the hardware to get detected.

hardware to get detected.






4.You will see the setup screen , choose the relevant information and click on continue.

mts on ububtu






5. Next screen will ask you for username and password

For photon +

username: internet

password: internet

For photon +  username: internet  password: internet








For  mts mblaze

username :

password: MTS (uppercase)

Editing MTS MBlaze connection 1_082











This is it,, now connect to your connection and you are good to go.

connect to internet


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