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[Sponsored] KeepVid Music: Use Online Music as your Personal Music Library

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KeepVid Music

Consider this – you like a song you heard at some office party you went the other night. And now, you want to hear it again. To, do this, you got two options

  1. Watch the song on YouTube
  2. Download that song from music website like iTunes

But what if you can do both? That’s download and listen to that song at the same place. Moreover, you can also download its video if you just fell in love with it. How?

Well, KeepVid Music lets you discover and download music from different media platforms and sources. It has its huge collection of music library organized according to genres, artist, and top picks. So it has a song for all your different moods and surroundings. Furthermore, it also allows you to sync your iTunes playlist to your iOS/ Android devices. It’s an all in one tool which the music lovers will admire.

So, let’s explore all the features of KeepVid Music and learn how it is better than any other audio streaming software out there.


You can download KeepVid Music from their official website. It’s available for both Mac and PC.

Once installed you can easily download and stream music within the software, where earlier you would have to browse various websites for streaming and downloading a particular file.



There is a beautiful splash loading animation which plays when you first launch the software. The interface is quite modern and simple. KeepVid has its collection of an audio library with more than 300,000 songs organized according to genres, artist, playlist, and top charts to suit your mood. You can also download any video/ audio from any site by copying its link into KeepVid. However, there is always a chance to record the audio if the above method fails.

With KeepVid music you can also sync your music between ios or android device as and when required. There are other tabs for Music Library, Device Manager, Toolbox. In each tab, there are a bunch of amazing features for music lovers. For instance, in Toolbox you get an option to backup or restore the whole iTunes library to your PC or external HDD.



  • Many ways to get Music

This is what I admire the most in KeepVid Music. There are two good ways to get music- download it from its vast collection of the audio library which hosts more than 300,000 songs. So be it Pop, Rock, Party, Chill you always got a song to adjust your surroundings. And the second way is to download via sharing platforms. This works super easy, just paste the link of the video/ audio and select the format you want to save it in.


  • Music Library Organization

As a music lover, I like to keep my music library well organized- with no duplicate file, proper tags, cover arts, etc. And with KeepVid Music it’s not much of your task now. It automatically scans all your music files and checks for duplicate copies, missing cover arts, tags or corrupted files and fixes them immediately. So, in the end, you have a clean unique and a complete media library.


  • Transfer On the Go

Well, if you listen to music 24/7 then you might love this feature. With this new hasty feature, you can easily sync all your media files between computer and your smartphone. So you never miss a song you just downloaded on your PC. You just have to connect a USB to transfer your files to any device. Moreover, you can also scan your smartphone for any corrupted or incomplete media files.

Additionally, you can also sync iTunes music or playlist to your iOS/ Android device.


  • The Rich Miscellaneous Toolbox

The Toolbox is perhaps the most exciting feature here. It offers some cool functionalities like rebuilding iTunes library, removing DRM, backup your iTunes library and much more. Along with these you also get an option for creating your car’s playlist where you just transfer your favorite songs onto the USB. Among these, I personally loved the option for backing up your iTunes library on an external device or your computer.


Speed and Performance

Considering the User Interface KeepVid Music works perfectly fine. But on Windows version, browsing videos and surfing the web was laggy. Even watching a youtube video with KeepVid Music consumes four times as much of your PC Ram as compared to Chrome.

But everything comes at a price, the high RAM and CPU usage might be because of the added functionalities.



KeepVid Music is a premium version of KeepVid Pro (which is a premium software itself) and hence the company charges a little extra than the Pro version. But before you empty your pockets, thankfully there is a trial version for KeepVid Music. Some features in the trial version are limited, though. The paid version comes for $39.95 for a year and $59.95 for a lifetime license.


Final Verdict

KeepVid Music is truly an effective replacement to other music streaming software which functions only on the audio level. I am impressed by the balance between the feature rich UI and bunch of functionalities provided. Though, it has it flaws as well, like extream CPU usage and RAM. Overall, KeepVid Music is good for people who download and listen to lots of music and videos from the Internet.


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