[Sponsored] KeepVid Pro: Download Any Video From the Internet?

Downloading Videos from the popular sites (like YouTube, Instagram, etc.) is easy. Simply copy the video’s URL and paste it on any online video downloading service like KeepVid. This method is free and works on both the mobile and desktop browser.

But what if you want to download from less popular websites? or in some other format? Well then, these free services won’t work. And this is where KeepVid Pro comes into the picture.

KeepVid Pro is a desktop software (available for both Mac and Windows) which can download videos from even the less popular websites like Vimeo, BBC, CBS and more, and that too in batches and different file formats. But can it really download videos from less popular sites? Is it worth paying for? Let’s take a closer look at KeepVid Pro and see what all it offers, shall we!

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KeepVid follows the freemium model. The online version is free and works with few popular sites. While KeepVid Pro is a paid app. will cost $19 for one year and $29 for Lifetime license. But the good news is, you can use a free trial which can be purchased later on if you like.

The free version supports only 28 websites whereas the Pro version goes for way higher — 10,000 sites. Plus you get more features like downloading videos in batch, convert video’s format and much more.

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You can download KeepVid pro from their official website. It’s available for Mac and PC.

Once installed, you can easily download videos from any video-sharing websites like YouTube, ESPN, and other similar sites, where earlier you could only stream it.


KeepVid has its own built-in browser wherein you can watch video from YouTube as well as Voot, MTV, Ted Talks and other websites. This means, you don’t have to exit the software and go to the individual sites, which makes things a little easier and quicker.

With the built-in web browser (Windows only), sites load normally as they would on traditional browsers, this makes things a lot easier as you can do everything in one app.

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There is also a dedicated Paste URL button on the top left corner if you already have the video link to your clipboard.


You can also convert the downloaded videos into any number of various formats, including AVI, MP4, MKV, WMV, MOV, and more. To access this option look for toggle button on the top right corner.

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To keep things organized, you can download the entire playlist in a batch which is saved in the sequential order. There are also separate folders for the downloaded as well as converted videos so you can easily get them when you’re looking for something specific.

KeepVid Pro comes with a hasty feature called Turbo Mode where the video gets downloaded at faster speeds. Next to this toggle there is also a download preference button, where the default download quality of any video is 480p but can range up to 4k resolution.

As said earlier, KeepVid Pro is a complete package for your online video experience. There is a built-in screen recorder, so even if the video is not in their 10,000 lists, you can still record and save it.

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You can also change the resolution of a downloading video without interfering the process, where KeepVid Pro will alert you of the current resolution and specify the path to access the video. You can also pause and resume the download at any time if you need to.

Keepvid supports eight different languages, and you can also set the frequency of updates.

Final Verdict.

We tested both the Mac and Windows version of KeepVid pro. The Windows version is a bit faster and has a built in browser. Overall KeepVid pro is good for people who download a lot of videos from the internet.

Now there are sites where even KeepVid Pro doesn’t work, for this, you can use the screen recording option. In 2 weeks of testing, KeepVid Pro has a smooth, easy to use interface and has quite a few features.

This post is sponsored by Keepvid.

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