How to Link Discord to Twitch in All Possible Ways

by Ravi Teja KNTS

Discord and Twitch are two different but popular streaming services. Well, what can be even better than connecting and making them work together in the world of streaming? I am going to cover all the ways you can link Twitch to Discord from native options to using third-party apps. Each method unlocks new features from displaying Twitch ID in your Discord profile to showing the Discord chat in your Twitch stream. So let’s get started with the native option first.

How to Connect Discord and Twitch on the Desktop

While Twitch doesn’t provide an option to connect, Discord is more accomodating and has an in-built way to connect with Twitch. This will show your Twitch username in your Discord profile that can help in promoting your streams. Also, you can find all the Twitch users in your Discord server and connect to them easily directly from Discord.

1. To connect, open Discord and click on the Settings icon beside your username at the bottom right corner.

Opening Discord settings

2. Here click on the Connections tab to find options to connect Discord with third-party services like Twitch, YouTube, etc. Select Twitch to begin the process.

Connecting Twitch to Discord

3. This will open a pop-up. Log in to your Twitch account if you are not already logged in on the browser. Now click on Authorize to allow Discord to access your Twitch profile.

Logging into Twitch from discord

4. Once done, scroll down and enable the Display on profile option to show the Twitch profile in your Discord account.

Enabling Display on Profile for Twitch

How to Connect Discord and Twitch on Mobile

You can connect Twitch with Discord on the phone too in a similar manner. But the process is a bit different. Here’s how you can connect Discord and Twitch on the mobile. The process is the same on both Android and iOS.

1. Open the Discord app and select your profile icon at the bottom right corner. Then select the Connections option.

Opening Connections on the phone on Discord

2. Now tap on Add at the top right corner, scroll down and select the Twitch option.

Adding Twitch as a connection

3. Login to your Twitch account and turn on Display on profile to show your Twitch username on your Discord profile.

login to Twitch

How to Notify People on Discord When You Go Live on Twitch

While you can connect to Twitch with the in-built Discord setting, it is quite limited in functionality. All it can do is display your Twitch ID in your Discord profile and also recommend other people’s Twitch ID for you to follow. But you can use Discord bots to extend the connection and notify everyone in your server when you go live on Twitch. But it is a premium feature that you need to pay $4/month for annual billing.

1. First, open the MEE6 website and click on Add to Discord to log in with your Discord account. Authorize the MEE6 bot to access your account.

Adding Mee6 to the server

2. Select the Discord server where you would like to notify users. It will open a pop-up window. Click on Authorize to grant permissions to MEE6 to access that server.

Seting up Mee 6 on desired server

3. That will close the pop-up window and you will be redirected to the MEE6 dashboard where you can find an Upgrade to Premium option at the top right corner.

Upgrading to premium on MEE6

4. Click on it and choose a monthly, yearly, or lifetime subscription as it is a paid feature.

MEE6 premium plans

5. Click on Dashboard in the left sidebar.

Going back to dashboard

6. Scroll down and enable Twitch to subscribe to the Twitch account.

Connecting Twitch from Mee 6

7. Fill out details of the Twitch ID you want to follow, the message that you want to display when that ID is about to go live, and the channel name where the message should be posted.

Enabling Stream announcements in twitch

8. Click on Save and you will receive the message on Discord when that ID goes live. You can use your Twitch ID to notify people in your Discord server when you go live.

Accouncement from Mee 6

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How to Connect Discord Audio to Twitch

When you are streaming on Twitch, people watching can only view your game, but cannot hear the voice chat or discussions you are having with other players. So if you want to connect voice chat on Discord and stream to Twitch, here’s how you can do so.

1. First, Discord’s web app doesn’t support the feature, so download and install the Discord desktop app.

Download dscord desktop app

2. Now install the Discord StreamKit Overlay for OBS. To do that, open the StreamKit link and click on Install for OBS.

Install for OBS

3. Click on Authorize on the Discord app to permit Streamkit to access messages in your account.

Authorizing stremkit

4. Once authorized, get back to the streamkit website and click on Voice Widget.

Opening Voice Widget

5. Here fill out details such as what server you want to install, what voice channel you want to share on Twitch, and additional details.

Providing server and channel name

6. Now copy the link that you will find in the bottom right sidebar.

Copying the streamkit voice widget URL

7. Now open the OBS app and press the plus button (+) in the Sources box to add a source.

Adding the source in OBS

8. Choose Browser option from the drop-down menu.

Adding source from browser in OBS

9. Create a new source and give it a name.

Creating a source in OBS

10. Paste the Voice Widget URL that you copied in the OBS URL text box and press OK to save changes.

Adding stremkit voice widget in OBS

You can now start streaming on Twitch and it will also include voice chats.

How to Connect Discord Chat to Twitch

Just like the Discord voice chat, if you also want an overlay of your Discord chat on your Twitch stream. You can easily do that with the same Discord steam kit overlay for the OBS app.

1. Download the Discord app as it won’t work on Discord web app.

Download Discord

2. Now download the Discord Streamkit Overlay for OBS.

INstall Stremkit for OBS

3. Click on Authorize to give Streamkit permission to access your account messages.

Authorizing Stremkit

4. Once Authorized, get back to the streamkit website and click on Chat Widget.

Opening Chat Widget on streamkit

5. Here fill out the details such as on what server you want to install, text channel that you want to share on Twitch, and other details.

Select the server and text channel

6. Copy the link you view in the bottom right side as shown in the screenshot below.

Copying streamkit link for chat widget

7. Open OBS app and press the plus button (+) under the Sources box to add a source.

Adding source on OBS

8. Choose Browser from the drop-down menu.

Adding source from Borwser on OBS

9. Create a new source and give it a name.

Creating a source

10. Paste the Voice Widget URL that you copied in step 6 and press OK to save changes.

Adding streamkit link into OBS

11. You can view the chat widget in the preview. You can drag, resize, and place it in any position.

Adjusting chat widget

Now you can start streaming like you normally do and your stream will also include the chat widget. 

Wrap Up: Link Discord and Twitch

All you can do with the native feature in Discord is to display your Twitch ID in your Discord profile. But you can extend the feature to notify of Twitch streams by using the MEE6 bot. Finally, Streamkit can help you while streaming on Twitch to stream Discord audio and chat in Twitch.

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