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32 Most Useful Websites That Make You Smart Blogger

by Mrinal Saha
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As a blogger, you not only have to be consistent in producing high-quality content but also check SEO regularly and be active on social media all at the same time. To make this work easier, I have made a simple list of websites that can help you to do your task efficiently.

 25 Most useful websites for bloggers

1. bugmenot.com  Contains login credential submitted by people, so that you don’t have do create account on every websites for small tasks.

2. fakenamegenerator.com Generate fake names, username passwords, etc for your online profile.

3. Ifttt.com Create a connection between your online accounts to automate tasks. For example, you can download Facebook tags images directly to your Dropbox account with simple clicks in IFTTT.

4. notes.io For creating and sharing online notes quick and fast

5. builtwith.com This can analysis technical details like web-host, plugins, Ads network, etc for any websites.

6. picmonkey.com Online image editor for quick work.

7. accountkiller.com Show you how to delete any social media account forever not just disable it.

8. getpocket.com  Find an interesting article on the web but don’t have time to read it? Put it in your pocket account to read it later.

9. downforeveryoneorjustme.com  Let you find out if the particular website is down for only you or for everyone else as well.

10. scamadviser.com  Checks if the website is trustworthy or not by looking at its domain age, hosting provider and contact info.

11. ge.tt  Share files with anyone without disclosing your true identity.

12. bubbl.us  Create a flowchart or classification quick and easy.

13. wordle.net  Create typographic from text or URL.

14. polishmywriting.com Check grammar and syntax error online, useful for proofreading your article before hitting the published button.

15. wetrasnfer.com For sharing big files online.

16. Livestream.com Watch or telecast live video over the world.

17. homestyler.com  Design your home in 3d for completely free.

18. pdfescape.com Online pdf editor.

19. printfriendly.com Make a webpage print-friendly by removing annoying ads and widgets.

20. unfurlr.com  Unlock the given URL, find it’s alternative

21. speedtest.net  For checking your isp speed by performing ping and download upload test.

22. fiverr.com Buy or sell your service online quickly for 5$.

23. futureme.com Send email to you or your friend in future.

24. screen-o-matic.com Record screen online.

25. donothingfor2minutes.com This website helps you to relax and concentrate.

Updated list 

26. rescuetime.com  Track your online activity on different websites and help you to understand them and set up your goals.

27.  disposablewebpage.com Use to create a disposable webpage that self destruct.

28. ifixit.com Contains repair manuals for all most anything that can be fixed.

29. asoftmurmur.com Mix ambient sounds together to wash away distraction and help you focus or relax.

30. flaticon.com Need vector icons for your project. Check this out, you will find everything you need.

31. flatuicolorpicker.com Collection of some cool minimal colors.

32. myfridgefood.com Feeling Hungry! but don’t know how to cook. This website will tell you what to cook based on what you have in your fridge.

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