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SBIonline Banking : How to Login for First Time

by Mrinal Saha
online banking in sbi

Internet banking is awesome. You need to set it up once, and then forget it. However, the setup process is not very obvious- especially if you are new to the internet.

So in this article (video tutorial), we will see how to register for online banking. For this instance, I will be using SBBJ net banking as an example but the steps are similar to all 5 state bank group.

How to login for first time 1


So let’s get started

Step 1: 

Get the internet kit.

For this, you will have to visit your bank in person, and tell them you want to activate net banking on your account. They will give you a simple application form and once you fill that up, you will get the internet kit.

This internet kit has a temporary username/password and kit number. You will need all this three things when you first sign-in to your online account. Once you get the internet kit, move to step 2.

Click here to see what internet kit looks like.

Bonus Tip

I started using online banking in 2013. Back then, internet kit was the only option to get the temporary login credentials. However, things are much better now.

Apparently, you don’t even have to visit the branch for the internet kit. If you have links your mobile number to your bank account (which most people do these days), then you get the temp username and password directly on your register mobile number.

Step 1

Go to your bank’s official Internet Banking website > personal banking > login. Under the username and password field, you will see a link called New user? Register here. Click on that and follow the on screen instruction.

Basically, you will have to enter to enter your account number, mobile number, and branch IFS code. If everything you enter matches the bank records, you will get login username and password on your register mobile number. 

register to online sbi banking


Step 2

Once you have your internet kit, you will have to wait for 24 hours for kit activation. The instructions are written on the kit, so read it thoroughly. However, I will give an overview.

However, I will give an overview.

Go to the login page. Once there, check the URL and, then enter the username and password you got from internet kit to the login page.

How to login for first time


Step 3

Next, you need to add a new username and the kit number.


Once you set a username, it can never be changed. So choose wisely.

I have seen many people, coming up with a random username and password. And once they are done with it, they immediately forget them. Again, you need to do this quickly, or the session will end after few minutes of inactivity.

So before you start, I suggest, you come up with a strong username and password. And write them down in a piece of paper. Now, once you sign up successfully, memorize the credentials and burn the paper.

enter your username


Step 4

Next, add a new login password and confirm it.

There are two types of password for State bank online banking —

  1. Login password
  2. Profile password

As the name suggest, login password is used when you sign-in to your account. You will use the password quite frequently.

And profile password is used for an extra layer of security. Like for transferring funds, increasing the limit or adding new beneficiary etc. Obviously, the login and profile password can not be same.


sbi first time login

Step 5

Next, you will have to enter the profile password, hint question, your DOB, and few other details.

Now, this hint question is useful when you forget your password and want to reset it. However, since we used it so often, chances are you will forget it soon.

I know because I (and many others in the comments) did forget them once and it came with a lot of pain. So yeah, don’t make this mistake, remember your credentials. And if you are not confident, write it down cryptographically and store it in a locker.

Once you are done click on Submit.

enter other details

Step  6

And this is it. You have now successfully setup your online banking profile. Following is the screenshot on how your homepage will look like.

there you go, your new SBI online banking


In the next article, we will find out how to make fund transfer using online banking. If you face any problem, ask them in the comments or contact me on social media.

Follow this video tutorial

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