3 Ways to Loop YouTube Videos on Android and iOS

When I like a song, I play it untill I start to dislike it

Nowadays I listen most of my music on YouTubeAnd one big feature request from them will a native option to play video on repeat inside the official YouTube app for Android and iOS.

After 9 years of waiting, YouTube finally lets you loop a video on the web version. Simply right-click on the video and choose loop. However, I’m pretty sure, YouTube won’t be releasing this feature on their official Android and iOS app anytime soon.

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Loop YouTube Videos on web

But why YouTube don’t want to add native loop option?

Well, we are so used to getting awesome stuff for free from Google (Maps, Search, YouTube etc) that we forget, Google is also a commercial business. They make money from ads and if more people start repeating a video inside the app, lesser is the changes to display ads. In short, an inbuilt loop feature is not good for business.

But the good new is, there are some workarounds to loop a video on YouTube app, for both Android and iOS app. Remember it’s no way perfect like the web version but it gets the job done.

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Method 1: Loop YouTube Videos with 3rd party app

Yes, there are some third-party Android and iOS apps that can play YouTube video repeatedly. If I had to suggest one app, it would be Listen on Repeat. Their app is free (ad-supported) and available for both Android and iOS.

1. Download listen on Repeat from the Google play if you have an Android or from App Store for iPhone and iPad.

2. Open the App and search for the song you want to play on repeat. Thankfully, they have auto-suggestions, so you don’t have to type the whole thing.

3. Select the video from the search result and play it. And that’s it, now even if you turn OFF your screen, the video will still play in the background repeatedly.



1. Work flawlessly on both Android and iOS

2. Can play YouTube video on repeat with the screen is OFF. Useful if you listen to YouTube in dark, like before going to sleep.


1. You have to download a third-party app, which I’m not a big fan of. Especially when that can be done without using an app.

2. The app doesn’t support background playback while multi-tasking.

3. Say, you are watching a video on YouTube and decide to play it on loop, then there is no way to launch listen on repeat directly from the share button. Instead, you will have to copy the URL of the video and switch to listen on repeat app and paste the link in the search box if you don’t want to type the whole thing. A bit tedious process.

Method 2: Loop a video on YouTube App

If you don’t want to use a third party app to loop a YouTube video, then there is a workaround for that as well. The trick here is to add a single video to a newly created playlist and then loop that playlist. It works perfectly for both Android and iOS, however, since the app UI is a bit different, I’ll show the steps for both.

Loop YouTube videos on Android

1.  Open the YouTube app and play the video

2. Tap on Add to option below the video > Create a new playlist > Give it any name to that playlist.

3. Now, go to your account section > Playlist > Find the newly created playlist > And play that video

4. Now, tap on the loop icon inside the playlist to repeat that single song


Loop YouTube videos on iPhone

1. Play the YouTube video

2. Tap on plus sign at the top of the video > Create a new playlist and give it any name you want. I prefer a name that starts with letter A or numbers since it’s easier to find in an alphabetical list.

3. Now, go to your account section > Playlist > Find the newly created playlist > And play that video

4. Now, tap on the loop icon inside the playlist to repeat that single song



1. You can play the video inside the app, no need to use third party app.


1. Have to create multiple playlists, if you do it more often

2. Can’t play videos with screen OFF. Though, you can get the same effect, by using Black Screen of Life.

Method 3: Loop a YouTube video with Web Browser

There is another way to repeat a YouTube video, which I recently discovered. The trick here is to play the YouTube video on the Web browser on Android and request a desktop site. Once you do that, you will see the loop option just like you see in the desktop version.

1. Copy the URL of the video you want to loop

2. Paste that link in any web browser, most of you will have Google chrome, so let’s go with that.

3. Request the desktop site and then play the video

4. Now, Zoom in and long press on the video, this will bring up the right-click menu and select the loop option from there. 

Now, if even if you close the browser or turn OFF your screen, the video will still play on the loop.


Support both background playback as well as work with screen OFF


Doesn’t work on iOS after the recent update. However, you can use the web version of listen on repeat to get the similar effect, watch the following video



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