Gif Animation: Make Your Own Joker Clapping Gif

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a gif of Joker clapping without a help of any Photoshop. All you need is a free software and 5 minutes of your time.  If you are looking forward to installing flash on your website but not sure about the security vulnerability it may cause or the additional addons that user may require, then stick to the gif for now.

The following is an example of clapping gif animation is created by linking images together in a particular sequence.

 Joker Clapping Gif

You will need this two software

  1. Gickr (21.85 Mb)
  2. Gickr (19.5 KB)

Follow this instruction

1. Run and install the vlc media player.

2. Play the video in vac in slow mode and take the screenshot using print screen button on a keyboard.

joker claps in vlc

Bonus Tips

  • You can slow down the video is you want by pressing down the (minus) button.
  • More the no of frame better will be the gif animation.
  • Crop and save this snapshot as the .gif file.

3. Now open the file that you have downloaded and insert the snapshot by order.


4. Click on create the snapshot.

5. Right now Facebook doesn’t support gif, but you can upload it in many websites like the tumbler and even your’s if you have one.

You are looking for an easier way then the website like Gickr and  Gickr can help you. Here you can upload up to 10 images from computers and create a gif for free.

 Watch this video guide on how to make Joker clapping gif


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