Top 10 Meme Generator Apps For Android

Whether it’s Facebook comment, group chat on WhatsApp or even dark 4Chan threads; Memes are all over the internet. So, why not have them on your Android too?

We hunted the Play Store for some of the best Meme generator apps; something with amazing collections, free and option to quickly share them on Facebook and WhatsApp, amongst other Social Media.  So, do you want the keys to the Meme-dom? Then let’s look at the best Meme Apps Android has to offer.

Best Meme Generator Apps

1. Memes Editor Photos

This is a simple app to edit your own pictures and give them a Meme twist.

As you open the app, you get two options – either click a picture from the device’s camera or import one from your gallery. Next, move around the meme to place on the person’s face, and you can pinch it and rotate them as well. Unfortunately, the app did crash a couple of times when loading images from the Gallery, so yes, some bugs need to be fixed.



Technically GIPHY is not a Meme exclusive app, instead, it’s a gif repository. You can find most of the relevant GIFs on the planet using this app, Memes included. In fact, they claim to be the world’s largest library of GIFs, and that claim may well be accurate. The number of GIFs this app has is huge

The app has a separate Meme sub-category, in which there are a lot of animated GIFs. After selecting the GIF you want to use, you can easily forward them to others. And now that WhatsApp also supports gifs, it makes more sense to use GIPHY.


3. Meme Creator

Meme Creator lets you create Memes of many kinds. It features over 600 different types of Memes to help you start your journey.

The memes are divided by categories which make lookup process a lot easier; you can also use your own custom memes using your gallery or camera and adjust the text size, font and color if you need to.

After you’ve made your Meme, sharing it is also easy using this app. Thankfully, there are no watermarks, which is great who want to use the free version of the app.


4. Meme Pro

Meme Pro is the simplest app on the list. It has a simple interface (without Material Design) which might not look pretty to everyone but isn’t missing many features.

The app has a basic list of memes that are pre-loaded, and you can use any of them to make your memes. The app does exactly what it advertise, without being too complicated.

There are fullscreen advertisements on the app, and no paid pro version of the Meme Application.


5. Meme Builder

Meme Builder app has some features that even the paid apps in this niche don’t have. For example, you can click photos from your phone’s camera, and start creating Memes. The app also supports full-screen mode with one-click option to share on Social Media.

The app can also fetch images from the friend’s profiles (using Google plus), which you can edit however you like.

There isn’t another paid version of the app, as it survives on Ads only.


6. Meme Generator

Yes, it shares the same core name as the other apps on the list, but this is an interesting app as well. The App contains the top memes, and once you are done making a meme, there is a quick option to share it on social media or to save it to your own SD-card.

The app is quite colorful to look at and has all the features you can ask for in a Meme app.

There isn’t a paid version of the app, so we have to continue to support the Devs by using the ad version of their app.


7. GATM Meme Generator

GATM Meme Generator is an app that is feature filled and is easy to use. There are a lot of features in the app such as creating your own memes, view the memes in a list, and move the images to the SD-Card, etc.

Unfortunately, the free version of the app applies watermark on your memes. And if you don’t like that (which no one does) you will have to buy the Donate version ($2), to get rid of adverts and watermark.


 8. Instameme

While most Meme apps on Play Store looks ugly, Instameme is an exception. Sporting Android’s material design, this is a beautiful app to use for making Memes.

The name of the App is a play on the name of “InstaGram”, and the App indeed offers a good-looking interface so you can scroll via the hundreds of Memes you can share with your friends.

There are thousands of templates you can choose from, and the UI of the app is also Intuitive. There is no pro version of the app, so we’ll be stuck with the ad-supported version.


9. Memedroid

This is a two-in-one app. It not only is a platform where you can get Memes rated, but this is also a Meme Browser as you can go through the various Crowd Submissions by rating. This app comes close to Meme Generator Free for being the best Android App but falls off slightly.

The App also has a paid version for access to the pro version, and that version costs upwards of $3.


10. Meme Generator Free

Meme Generator Free is a complete Meme app on mobile. It also shows you examples of memes so that you can learn the usage of that particular meme and even try it out with friends.

The free version is ads supported, which can disable by upgrading to pro version for $2.

Meme generator comes with more than 700 high-quality memes. Some other features it has are shortlisting your favorite memes, custom meme support and no watermark on any memes.


Wrapping up

There are hundreds of Meme apps on the Play Store. I tested over two dozen of them, and frankly, most of them were not up to the mark. Some of them even had all 3 different types of ads in one screen. This particularly made choosing the ‘good’ apps, easier.

The honor of the best app goes to Meme Generator Free. The app has most of the features you can from a Free Meme app and serves your needs well. The only small con is that the app has a lot of ads in their free variant. but that’s the price you pay for free apps. The developers need to pay their bills as well.

Hope these Apps satisfy your thirst for Memes, and if you want to share anything with us, let us know via the comments.

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