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5 Best Mind Mapping Apps for Android

by Vamsi Krishna
Mind Map Apps

Managing a big project is not easy, but things become much easier when you break into smaller subtasks. And mind mapping apps can help you with that. When you break your ideas into smaller parts, you will be able to brainstorm efficiently to archive the task at hand. Using mind mapping, you can also connect different ideas in a logical way to solve and implement those ideas.

Besides from implementing your ideas in a better way, mind mapping apps are widely used to understand a problem, to break down the subject of a lecture, to take notes in a logical way, etc. As useful as the mind mapping apps are, there are a lot of them to choose from. So, to help you with that, here are some of the best mind mapping apps for Android.

So, to help you with that, here are some of the best mind mapping apps for Android.

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Mind Map Apps

Best Mind Mapping Apps for Android

1. SimpleMind

SimpleMind is one of the most popular mind mapping app for Android that helps you better organize and implement your ideas. The good thing about SimpleMind is that with its intuitive user interface and tools, you can create a wide variety of mind maps with just a few taps. The features of the free version of the SimpleMind app include but not limited to the ability to create free layout maps, built-in auto layouts, unlimited page size and number of elements, pre-defined stylesheets, ability to highlight branches, support for multiple maps on one page, etc.

For advanced features like label relations, auto-numbering, reorganizing and restructuring, etc., you need to buy the Pro version. Moreover, the app is cross-platform. i.e, it supports iOS, Windows, and, Mac OS.

Pros: Very easy to use and has all the features you will ever need to create a mind map. The app is cross-platform compatible and you can download the apps as required from the official site. You don’t have to signup for their service to use the free app.

Cons: Compared to the Pro version, the free version is limited in terms of features. However, it is quite enough for you to get started, create, and manage mind maps.

Is it free: The base version is free. For advanced features, you can get the Pro version for $5.99.

Android mind mapping apps simplemind

2. Mindly

Mindly is yet another popular app that not only looks gorgeous but enables you to create several different mind maps for planning a project, though structuring, idea collection, etc. Besides from creating logical and complex mind maps, you can use it for simpler things like writing a quick summary, preparing for a speech or meeting, etc. Mindly has all the necessary features you will ever need like the support for hierarchy between elements, ability to add colors, icons, and images to elements, ability to reorganize content, PDF or OPML or Text exporting, visual clipboard, password protection, Dropbox sync, etc. So, if you are looking for simple, beautiful, and capable mind mapping app then Mindly is for you.

Pros: The user interface of the app is pretty minimal and helps you focus on creating mind maps to suit your ideas. The ability to synchronize with Dropbox and exporting are welcome features.

Cons: The free is limited in terms of features. For instance, the free version lacks some important features like password protection, additional exporting options, search functionality, etc.

Is it free: The base version is free and you can unlock additional features with in-app purchases.

Android mind mapping apps mindly

3. SharpMindMap

SharpMindMap is one of the simplest and easiest mind mapping apps for Android. The good thing about SharpMindMap is that it is completely free and no ads to deal with. Besides from creating mind maps, you can also use SharpMindMap to create simple diagrams, graphs, and schemas. Even though the app is simple, you can create an unlimited number of objects and connections between them. Moreover, the app provides necessary customization options to better organize your objects with different colors and shapes. If you want to, you can export and import maps in XML format, etc.

Pros: The app is free to use, no ads, and you can easily export and import mind maps.

Cons: Compared to other apps like Mindly and SimpleMind, SharpMindMap is pretty limited in terms of features.

Is it free: Yes, the app is completely free.

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Android mind mapping apps sharpmindmap

4. Mindomo

Mindomo is one of the best full featured and free mind mapping app for Android. The app is specifically designed for schools and students in mind. Thus, the app integrates with your organization’s or school’s Google Apps or Office 365 accounts. Some of the features of the app include but not limited to video and audio notes, web image search, pre-defined templates, history tracking, importing and exporting mind maps, bookmarking, FTP integrations, Google Drive and Dropbox integration, collaborative mind mapping, custom mind map themes, etc. To make things even better, Mindomo supports other platforms like Windows, MacOS, Linux, and iOS.

Pros: The app is free and cross platform compatible. Supports Google Apps, Office 365, Google Drive, and Dropbox integrations. It is also cross-platform compatible and you can download apps for other platforms from here.

Cons: Even though the user interface is pretty minimal, the small icons can give you a tough time when creating mind maps. This is especially true when you are using this app on a smaller screen Android devices.

Is it free: Yes it is.

Android mind mapping apps mindomo

5. Gureum

Of all the apps shared here, Gureum is pretty unique and created for a specific purpose. Unlike other apps, you can create logical and hierarchical text-based mind maps. Since the app creates hierarchical mind maps, it is a suitable for things like writing the logic of a program, for quick and logical note taking, etc. If you want to, you can also import other text type mind map files from compatible programs. However, the app is pretty minimal and you won’t get any advanced features like with other apps on the list.

Pros: Simple text based app created with a specific purpose. i.e, to take notes, and create hierarchical mind maps

Cons: Compared to the other mind mapping apps, Gureum is pretty limited in terms of features. Moreover, besides from text-based hierarchical mind maps, you cannot create any other type of mind maps.

Is it free: Yes it is free.

Android mind mapping apps gureum

Hope that helps and if you think I missed any of your favorite mind mapping apps for Android then do comment below sharing those apps.

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