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13 Must Have Xposed Modules of All Time

by Vamsi Krishna
Xposed Framework

Now, I don’t root my Android (or even suggest other to do so) as much as I used to do a few years back. However, Xposed Module still remains one of the biggest reason to root my Android.

What are Xposed modules and how to install it?

In case you don’t know, Xposed modules are nothing but small Android apps, that can interact directly with your Android operating system and can do pretty awesome stuff. Like – customizing every bit of your Android, controlling wake locks for better battery life etc etc.

To install Xposed modules, you’ll need Xposed Framework which is like a repository to find and download several Xposed modules. Kind of like Play Store for Xposed modules. But installing Xposed framework is a bit tricky.

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Now, to install a Xposed framework, first you need to root your Android devices, then download two files – Xposed framework zip and Xposed framework apk. Next, first flash the zip file from your custom recovery and then install the Xposed apk file. And you are good to go.

Unfortunately, both download files are different for every device (depending on the processor and Android version), so, we can not make one single guide on how to install Xposed Framework, but if you are running Marshmallow, then you can check out this guide on how to Install the Xposed Framework on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.


Assuming that you have successfully isntall Xposed framework and now looking for some good Xposed modules then here are some of the best one for you.

Must Have Xposed Modules

Note: before trying out a Xposed module, please ensure that it works with your current Android version. Also, have a good backup so that you can revert back if anything happens.

1. Amplify Battery Extender

The one thing that bothers almost any Android user is its battery life. This is especially true if you are a power user who uses a lot of applications, mobile data or WiFi, watch videos and listen to music, etc. To make your device last long with a single charge, you can use the Amplify Battery Extender module. This Xposed module lets you choose how long your device can stay awake and when it can wake up. Simply put, this app controls the background apps from waking your device from deep sleep randomly and consuming the battery.

Is it free: Yes the base version is free. With the in-app purchases, you can unlock additional functionality like controlling any wakelock or alarm.

android must use xposed modules amplify

2. Gravity Box

Gravity Box is one of the most popular Xposed modules that lets you mod your Android device to your heart’s content. It has a wide range of small tools and features that add additional functionality to your device.

For instance, you can use your volume control buttons to change music tracks, double-tap to open the previous application, pie-controls, custom LED notifications, etc. And the good thing about Gravity Box is that you can apply almost all the settings and preferences without the need to reboot.

Is it free: Yes, the application is mostly free. However, backup/restore and ultimate notification control features need to be unlocked with in-app purchase.

3. XPrivacy

XPrivacy is yet another popular module that acts as a capable permissions manager. Even though Android has its own permissions manage in Marshmellow, it is still cumbersome and not user-friendly. However, using Xprivacy, you can restrict almost any app from leaking your privacy with just a few taps. Moreover, if you have apps that insist on permissions like the ability to access your location or contacts without any good reason, you can use XPrivacy to feed fake data so that they function as they should.

Is it free: Yes, the app is free.

android must use xposed modules xprivacy

4. BootManager

Needed or not, almost ever app on your Android device attaches itself to the startup queue. This enables those apps to load as soon as you reboot your smartphone or tablet. Though this makes some apps a bit more responsive, it can lengthen the actual startup time of your device. To deal with this, you can use the BootManager. This simple Xposed module lets you pick and choose which apps can and cannot start when you turn on your device. If you have lots of apps installed then this is a must have module.

Is it free: The base version is free. With the free version, you can disable third-party apps. If you want to disable system apps then you need to donate.

android must use xposed modules bootmanager

5. Xposed Additions

Xposed Additions a powerful application that lets you remap any of your hardware buttons to do whatever you want. You can configure the single press, double press, triple press, long press, mirroring button actions, conditional setup, button combos, etc. So, if you are looking to customize what your hardware button do then Xposed Additions is for you.

Is it free: Yes, the base version is free but some advanced features need to be unlocked with the in-app purchases.

android must use xposed modules xposed additions

6. DynamicNotifications

On most Android phones, to see the notifications you need to unlock your device or at least turn on the screen and bring down the notification shade. However, using DynamicNotifications, you can make your device discreetly light up the screen to see notifications as they are received. To make things even better, the app can show the preview if needed. There are a lot of customization options to change how notifications appear and which apps can show the notifications.

Is it free: Yes it is. But, some advanced features like breathing notifications, auto-wake, etc., are only available as in-app purchases.

7. XBlast Tools

XBlast Tools packs a lot of features and options to customize and mod your Android device to your liking. Some of the things that XBlast tools can do include but not limited to the transparent status bar, background image or color for notification bar, customized text notifications, new modules for the navigation bar, etc. If you are looking to completely mod your Android device then XBlast Tools is a must have app.

Is it free: Yes, it the app free.

android must use xposed modules xblast tools

8. XMultiWindow

If your Android device has a large screen then why not split the screen with multiple windows to make your multi-tasking a bit more enjoyable? Using XMultiWindow, you can snap two different applications top and bottom or side to side depending on your screen orientation. In fact, you can see this specific feature in the high-end Samsung mobiles.

Is it free: Yes it is.

android must use xposed modules xmultiwindow

9. Xposed Edge

Xposed Edge is a simple app that enables you to configure edge gestures, shortcut panel, hardware buttons, pie controls, etc. Using the customization options, you can navigate to recent apps, control media, start/stop/kill an app, etc. If you are looking for a good gestures app then Xposed Edge is for you.

Is it free: The app is available in both free and pro version. Some advanced features like scheduling, advanced triggers, save actions, etc. are only available in the pro version.

android must use xposed modules xposed edge

10. Settings Editor

Have you ever thought of customizing the default settings app? The Settings Editor Xposed module makes this possible with just a few taps. You can change the number of columns, add your own shortcuts, remove options, edit existing options, change text color and background, etc.

Is it free: No. However, you can download the free trial version from here. The trial version is limited to a maximum of five modifications.

11. Unique Controls

Unique Controls module basically gives you two features, the first one is “Halo” and the second one is “Pie Controls.” The Halo feature is nothing but a small bubble that hovers on top of all the apps and provides you with quick access to your notifications. If you want to, you can also launch or dismiss the notifications. The Pie Control provides you with gesture navigation for ease of use.

Is it free: The base version is free but some advanced settings are only available if you unlock the PRO version with in-app purchase.

12. XNotifications

XNotifications module lets you control how the notifications behave on your android device. For instance, you can customize how notifications appear, make them expand when needed, set them to automatically expand, clear all notifications at once, enable or disable heads-up, customizing heads-up duration and opacity, ability to set quite hours globally, etc. One of the best features of this module is that it will let you clear persistent notifications.

Is it free: The base version is free and you can unlock additional functionality by purchasing the license.

android must use xposed modules xnotification

13. XPosed GEL Settings

If your device is using the stock or near stock Android OS then you are most probably using the Google Now launcher. Though the launcher is fast and looks good, it not is that customizable. For instance, you cannot hide the persistent Google search bar, cannot change the grid size, cannot use icon packs, etc. By using Xposed GEL Settings module, you can do all that and some more. So, if you like the Google Now launcher and want to customize it then this module is for you.

Is it free: The base version is free. You can unlock additional features like the support for icon packs, notifications badges, etc., with the pro version available in the form of in-app purchase.

android must use xposed modules xposed gel settings

Hope that helps and if you think I missed any of your favorite modules then do share them in the comments form below.

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