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8 New Android Launchers You Should Try This Year

by Karrar Haider
Android Launcher

Android phones are known for their customization capabilities, and Android launchers are one of the best ways to customize your Android phone. Now, I’m sure most of you have already heard and may have even used popular Android launchers like Nova Launcher Prime, Apex and Lighting launcher etc. But they have become quite mainstream.

So, if you love keeping your Android phone’s look fresh with new Android launchers, then check out these 8 fresh from the oven Android launchers.

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Android Launcher

New Android Launchers You Should Try

1. Evie Launcher

One of the fastest growing Android launchers of 2016, Evie Launcher is a simple, functional and a beautiful Android launcher. It revamps every aspect of your Android phone, a new app drawer, new notification style, icons, themes, widgets and much more. The app drawer can both work as grid or list style, and there is even a custom dock available to add shortcuts to important apps.

Evie Launcher

One key selling point of Evie is the really handy search bar that allows you to quickly search for apps and even content inside the apps, such as weather, contacts, directions, etc.

You can also create shortcuts from the search results and place them on the home screen for quick access. Evie is also very customizable, and you can easily change the look of icons and their size, use live wallpapers, change themes and yes there is unread badge as well. To top it off, Evie also lets you backup your preferences in the cloud to restore it on any of your devices.

Price: Free

2. New Launcher

Love Android Nougat but your old device can’t be upgraded to it? Well, why don’t you try New Launcher that is specially created to give your phone Android N style UI? It has Android N style app drawer in both grid and list styles along with an A-Z scroll bar for fast scrolling. It’s animations and overall UI are very similar to Android N.

New Launcher

Apart from that it also has some additional features worth a look. There is a helpful sidebar with handy functions like a torch, memory cleaner, recent apps, favorite app shortcuts and more. Furthermore, you can also download icons packs, themes and wallpapers to customize the launcher. With a great look, New Launcher also has some power saving, phone boosting tools to get the best performance from your phone.

Price: Free with some themes, wallpapers and icons packs available as in-app purchases

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3. Launcher 8 WP style

If you love the look of Windows Phone but don’t want to get in Windows Phone circle, then give Launcher 8 a try. Launcher 8 is created to completely transform your Android phone into a Windows Phone. It turns your home screen widgets into live tiles similar to Windows Phone. You can customize tiles color, size, and icons. Additionally, you can also add featured tiles to get more functionality, like live contacts or live gallery.

Launcher 8 WP style

Some of its other features include customizable status bar, password protects folders, customizable notification bar, additional themes/icons/wallpapers and ability to add thoughts on the lock screen. It also has a universal search to search apps and content inside the app. Overall, Launcher 8 does a great job of replicating Windows Phone and easily fool anyone.

Price: Free/ ad supported with icon packs, themes, and wallpapers available as in-app purchases

4. LINE Launcher

As you may have guessed already, LINE Launcher is all about bringing you the best of LINE outside of the messaging app and in your phone. The launcher is completely inspired by LINE and the characters in LINE. You can find all your favorite LINE family friends, including James, Brown, Moon, Sally, Cony and more.

LINE Launcher

There are over 3000+ LINE inspired themes available with new wallpapers and icon sets. You can even beautify your home screen will cool LINE stickers. Furthermore, it also offers some great functionality with a universal search app that lets you search anything on your phone quickly. There are also performance boosters and battery optimizing tools available to optimize your Android phone.

Price: Free/ ad-supported

5. Nougat Launcher

Similar to the New Launcher above, Nougat Launcher also focuses on replicating Android Nougat and helping the users with old phones enjoy it. However, instead of just replicating Android Nougat UI and animations, Nougat Launcher actually tries to replicate features as well. It does a great job replicating Android 7.0 UI and animations and keeps the extra widgets to a minimum. You can preview folders similar to Nougat and customized search bar works perfectly as well.

Nougat Launcher

Google Now is also integrated and you can even use “OK Google” voice command to start using Google Now. Soon Nougat Launcher is also going to be updated with Google Pixel UI and features, including Pixel search bar, quick action shortcuts, and Pixel launcher.

Price: Free/ ad-supported

6. KK Launcher

KK Launcher also does the same job of replicating latest Android version. However, instead of being bound to a single Android version style, it immediately gets updated to the style of the currently latest version of Android. As of writing, KK Launcher is replicating Android Nougat. However, when the new version of Android will release, KK Launcher will try to replicate it.

KK Launcher

Apart from replicating latest Android version, it also has other features like a sidebar containing handy tools such as phone booster, app locker, recent apps, private folder and more. It also has gesture supported, integrated Google Now supported and three types of app drawers.

Price: Free/ ad-supported

7. EverythingMe Launcher

EverythingMe Launcher is all about you and organizing your phone according to your needs. It basically predicts your usage and automatically organizes your apps accordingly. It can automatically organize apps in the folders based on folder and app types. There is a prediction bar that suggests apps based on your usage and what you may be looking for right now.

EverythingMe Launcher

It also has gesture support, universal search bar and recommended contacts feature that automatically recommends contacts you may need to contact at a particular time. Along with great productivity features, it also has a handy daily wallpaper feature that automatically replaces your wallpaper with a new one every day.

Price: Free

8. Action Launcher 3

Not one of the latest launchers, but it has been updated for Pixel Launcher/ Action Launcher 3 is very similar to Pixel launcher in look and feel, but it has been bombarded with customization options, themes, and features to stand out. As far as Pixel Launcher replicating is concerned, you can swipe up to open all apps, use the dock, use circular folder style and use similar style time/date widgets.

Action Launcher 3

If an app has a widget, you can simply swipe on it to access data of the widget. You can add shortcuts in the Google search bar, change icons from the recommended list and use interactive covers to open apps.

Wrapping Up

KK Launcher is definitely a great option if you like to get your hands on latest Android version design and some of the features. Although no one can beat the amazing productivity EverythingMe Launcher can provide. Which one of these new launchers do you like? Do share with us in the comments below.

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