How to Make a New Facebook Account From Your Old One

There can be many reasons for deleting one’s Facebook account.  For instance, you may think you are wasting too much time on Facebook, you don’t want to be friend with specific people, etc.

However you don’t have to leave Facebook, you can make a new Facebook account. And following infographic show, the plan way of doing that.

new facebook account

Step I

Download Facebook data from the old account. The backup contains your photos, setting, messages, profile info, etc.

Step II

Sign up from a new Facebook account. You cannot create a new Facebook account with the same email though.

Step III

Before deactivating the old account make sure to transfer the ownership of Facebook Page (if you have any) and also delete or change login of other websites that you have associated with your Facebook account.

If you log in to any of those sites during the cancellation period your account will be reinstall.

Step IV

Finding friends from your new account may be difficult, so use the suggest friend feature to suggest old friends to your new account.

Step V

There is no direct way to upload all these data to a new Facebook account, you will do that manually.


Facebook backup

Step VI

And finally, permanently delete the account. You will have to wait for 14 days.

After 2 weeks your Facebook account will be deleted forever. And you can continue with your new Facebook Account.

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