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How to Fix Nexus 7 not connecting to pc via usb

by Mrinal Saha
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Few days back I had a problem that My Nexus 7 Won’t Connect on PC via USB. For me it occur while I was trying to unlock the boot loader.But it might occur for various reason like using multiple smartphones on same Pc etc.When I search for the solution on the web I found out that many people share the same issue. The reason it occurs is because of the nexus 7 drivers are not properly install on your PC.

Nexus 7 not connecting to pc via usb

In this article I will be discussing few solutions to Connect Nexus 7 not connecting to pc.

Solution I

Try connecting to different computer or with different Nexus 7 USB to PC. If the problem not solved then moved to the next solutions.

Solution II

Try ptp options instead of mtp. Now this is Temporary solution to Nexus 7 not connecting to pc and might work for some of you but it work for me and I had  used it for a long time until I found the permanent solution.If you go to settings>storage>tap on the top right 3 vertical dots and select usb connections.

select usb connections on nexus 7

By default mtp (media transfer protocol) is selected but when I select ptp (picture transfer protocol) my device was detected in my pc. You will not see your device as SD card but as a camera device and would only able to access the DCIM folder.Ptp only lets you moves the pictures between pc and nexus but you can transfer any files as well, just ignore the warning that you get and click OK.

Solution III

You can also try file transfer using wifi.There are many apps on the plays store but I found Airdroid and ES file Explorer the best.And the file transfer limit is much faster than the normal cable connections.

You can also use the torrent client like bit torrent sync , this create a share folder on your Pc and your device.So whatever is placed in that shared folder gets sync in both system and the best part is no third party server is involved.

Solution IV

I found the permanent solution of Nexus 7 not connecting to pc via usb by reinstalling the Nexus 7 drivers. As stated before this problem is caused when your system is unable to recognized the device drivers properly.I found this method not to be full proof but with some testing and playing around you can easily configure the device drivers and get it working. Follow these steps.

Without connecting you N7 with pc first turn of the USB debugging option.You can do it by going to settings > developer options > uncheck USB debugging.

usb debugging on nexus 7

Now turn on MTP option from settings>storage>tap on the top right 3 vertical dots and select usb connections.

On your Pc Go to device manager by going to (My computer > right click and select manage> select device manager).Delete any ‘Android’ devices in the device manager also delete any other drivers.

Now plugged in your N7 with you PC via USB cables, if you are lucky you will see device drivers installation and everything will be back to normal.

But if nothing happens then you can try updating the device drivers.This is what work for me and surely work for you as well if nothing mention above work for you.

Go to device manager while your device is connected to your pc and under (portable media or Android) select your N7 device ( you can see a yellow error sign in front of it) >right click and update drivers. If you get unable to find drivers online then manually download the USB drivers form here and update it. And then reboot your computer and reconnect the device. Now your device will be detected by PC.update Nexus 7 drivers to fix Nexus 7 not connecting to pc

Updating the drivers had work for me and would work for you as well. I know these instructions might sound little confusing in the beginning but as I said with little playing around with these setting and reboot you can make it work. If you still face any problem Nexus 7 not connecting to pc via usb, just let me know and I would do my best to solve your issue.

You can also use other cool ways to Connect Android Device to PC like Nexus 7 Sync with PC using Airdroid and ES file explore.You can also check out the video on Top 5 ways to connect android phone to pc .




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