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Nexus 7 not powering ON !! What worked for me?

by Mrinal Saha
Nexus 7 not powering ON !

You might have seen my other post on N7 where I talk about various tips and tricks to improve it’s productivity.

Today I had I strange problem with my Nexus 7, that it didn’t turned on. Yesterday I forget to put in on charge, so the battery must have drained over night. This had happened with me before but I after few hours of charging I was able to turned it ON. But not today.

Nexus 7 not powering ON !


Update: NEXUS 7 is turned back ON. Read the complete story on how I did it.

I had been trying to turned it on from 2 hours while charging it, but nothing happens. So I decided to share my experience on what I did and write it down in real time.

So the first thing I did was head on to Google and do a quick Google search. And it wasn’t a surprise for me that many people had the same problem.

The first result that I saw was official Google troubleshooting guide, this make one thing sure that Nexus 7 not powering ON is an issue which even Google knows. The reason behind it some kind of hardware defect in Asus tablet.

Next step were some basic things like make sure I correct charge that come with N7. And the power supply is working. I test another phone and it was charging. So no issue here.

It was mention that I should press and hold the power button for more than 30 sec. I did that too. But nothing happened.

Next was hard reset, I tried even that but again no result.

Now I remove the back cover, and clean the charging port and again plunged in the charger. And leave for 15 min like that.

After 15-20 min when I started it back, it shows me battery symbol. This was a happy moment because I know that it, I can get it to start now. But it again tuned off. This process continues for another minute or two.

Now from the Google troubleshooting guide I decided to turned it off by using Android Boot-loader.  According to them this is need to properly turn OFF the device.

This how to do it.

  1. Press & hold the Volume down button. While holding Volume down, press & hold the Power button for at least 10 seconds until you see an Android robot and the word Start on the screen.
  2. Press the Volume down button until Power off is highlighted. Press the Power button to select that option.

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And this is it !!! It works. Nexus 7 was turned was charging now. And pressing the power button for 5 sec turned it back ON.

The strange things that I notice was, even though I have charge my device for roughly 2.5 hours. When I turned ON the battery shows only 1% charged. This is strange !!

So if you are having the same problem, I will suggest that try these steps, there is very high chances that this will work for you as well. If not then you can always ask for a replacement from Google, if your device is in warranty period.

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