Take These Online Personality Tests to Understand Yourself Better

Understanding your psyche is important. It increases your productivity, help you to make the right decision and surround yourself with positive people. But how do I know my personality?

[image] Take this Online Personality Tests to understand your brain

Well, you can start by taking online personality tests. Of course, there is a lot of ambiguity around them. Some find them useful; others don’t. However, there is no reason not to try. They are fun, free and take a little time. So why not!

There are many online personality tests. However, we will see the ones – that are modern, accurate and take less time.

Online Personality Tests

#1. Myers-Briggs Test

I am a huge fan of MBTI. It has open a new world for me.  

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, short for MBTI is all about how you think, process information and make a decision. This test reveals your strength and your shortcoming. It also explains which jobs are better for your type. 

According to MBTI, people falls under 16 personality types. Each type is different from other and has their set of beliefs. Of course, it’s not perfect, but if you haven’t taken it yet, you should.

Where to take the test?

Many websites offer free MBTI- type test. However, I find the following two most accurate. 

1. HumanMetrics – The test has some 72 question, which can only answer either yes or no. Although this gives you less flexibility, the results are pretty accurate.

2. 16personalities This test gives you five options like from fully agree, partially agree and so on. The results are quite detailed. 

Once you find your personality type, I suggest you go to this blog to read more about your type. The description is short, simple and without any jargon. Also, there are subreddits for each personality type. Join them. 

#2. Type A v/s type b 

Simply put, Type A, people are always on-the-go. They are full of energy, plan things in advance and then execute them in a structural format.

Whereas, Type B people take things slow. They like to live in the moment and weight creativity more over schedule. 

While Type A people have a high success rate, type B people live more peaceful life.

So which one are you? Find out by taking the test here.

#3. Big 5

Big 5 is world’s leading personality test. It consisted of 35 factors, which is further compressed into five main traits, and hence the name Big 5. 

It uses 5 ‘traits’ to find our how strong you are. They are –

  1. Openness: How open are you to a new experience?
  2. Consciousness: How self-discipline are you?
  3. Extroversion: Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
  4. Agreeableness: Do you find easy to agree with others?
  5. Neuroticism: How emotionally stable are you?

A high score (except for the last one) indicates success and happy life. But obviously don’t take them too seriously. It’s the internet after all. 

Take Big 5 personality test here.


Understanding your psyche, make your life easy. You know what you like and what you don’t. But to make sure results are accurate, answer every question honestly and take the test when only your mind is stable. 

And finally, don’t get overwhelmed by the results. They are far from perfect. Always remember personality can change with time.

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