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Opinion: Why Google App is better than Google Chrome Browser

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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The ‘Google’ app on your smartphone includes things like the Google search, suggested article, and Collections, etc. After using the ‘Google’ app for almost 3 months, I actually like it better than the Chrome browser. It provides a better experience and integration with other Google services. I am not gonna pretend like it is great for everyone, but here are my reasons to choose the Google app over the Chrome app.

1. Google Discover and Interests

The first reason, I prefer the Google app over the Chrome browser is because of ‘Google Discover’. It’s the first thing I see after waking up in the morning, even before Twitter.

For the unknown, unlike the traditional Google search which requires users to input a query, ‘Google Discover’ use AI to recommend personalized news and article.

Though it is also available on Chrome if you are signed in, the Google app has few advantages like when you are opening the article from the Android homepage, it opens in the Google app. Moreover, you can hide topics, sources, languages, etc. on Google App. For example, I have hidden YouTube from showing up on discover as I prefer reading when it comes to news.

2. Collections

The second reason to prefer the Google app over Chrome is Collections.

Similar to Pocket, ‘Google Collections’ is Google’s own bookmarking tool that helps you save webpages, images, or map locations you found through Search. You can access ‘Google Collections’ either from this URL or through the Google app on your Android or iOS.

The main advantage of Collections is that you can easily save interesting content you find on the web, which is not possible on Google Chrome. Moreover, you can share collections with someone and maintain the mixed collection, it also recommends you articles to add to your collection that suit existing articles on your collection.

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3. Integration With Google Assistant

Another reason to prefer Google App over the Chrome browser is better Google Assistant integration. When you open the Google app you will find Google Assistant features like Google lens, reminders, etc right in front of you. This makes Google Assistant a lot closer to your browsing. Moreover, all your voice and assistant settings can be changed from the Google app.

4. Google Snapshot

Another reason why Google app is better than Chrome is Google Assistant Snapshot. Think of snapshot as a timeline of all your things you need to keep track of like reminders, tasks, podcasts that you have stopped in between, stocks that you follow every day, bills you need to pay, delivery that you are going to receive, etc. You can add these from various apps like calendar, podcasts, etc. You can also add with the help of Google Assistant and it collects few details like bills. tickets automatically from your Gmail. You can access it from the Google app just by clicking on the snapshot icon at the bottom.

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5. Related articles

If you are reading any news article, the Google app recommends articles related to the article you are reading. This feature will be amazing as you can checkout different perspectives from different authors. You can find a small pop-up from the bottom saying you may also like while reading the article, just click on the pop-up at the bottom to check out the related articles.

Anyhow this feature works only with few articles that it finds related articles and thinks they are important to suggest.

6. Blurs the line between apps and websites

On Chrome, you can open multiple websites in multiple tabs, whereas the Google app opens websites like apps. So when you open a new tab, it doesn’t open on the same app, but it opens like a completely new app. You can shift between them using the recent apps menu.

This makes websites feel like a standalone application rather than running in a browser container. And shifting between websites with just a gesture from the bottom of the screen makes it more natural than stretching your hand to the top and selecting the tab you need.

7. Minimal UI is better for the mobile

Unlike the Google app, Chrome has features like tabs that make it a bit cluttered to navigate between tabs in an app on a small screen. Apart from that, the three-dot menu only shows features that are related to navigating websites like find on the page, add to the home screen, desktop site, translate, share, add to collections, etc. For remaining features like downloads, history, you can easily find them in the more tab on the homepage.

Having those options handy is useful, but I prefer a clean and minimal interface as I am using a small screen. Anyhow, I am not losing the features completely.

8. An Extension above Chrome features

So you may think that Chrome has support for flags and a lot of other features like password managers, payment methods, auto-filling, site permissions, cookies, and privacy settings, etc. But the best part is the Google app is like an extension over the Chrome features. So you can make any changes in the chrome settings or enter any data like payment methods and you can take advantage of them from the Google app too.

But when it comes to things like flags, few flags like schedule downloads work, and a few other like tab groups don’t work.

Wrapping up – Apps are better than Websites

If you prefer YouTube, Twitter, Reddit apps more than their websites, you may also like the Google app more than the website from the browser. Apps definitely feel more native while using on the phone. Anyhow, there are few downsides too like some features are not available on the iOS version, few features like downloads page are not even available, etc

Anyhow, overall, I feel the Google app has a way better user-experience than the browser that is filled with features. So what do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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