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Top 5 Parental Control Apps For Android

by Ankit Chawla

With time, the Internet has grown to become a rather intimidating place, especially for the unknown. Among them are innocent teenagers. Children below the age of 16 are the most susceptible to a danger on the Internet, as wary strangers on the web can easily exploit them.

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If the unseen dangers of the Internet can terrify an adult, imagine the kind of impact it would have on a curious kid. Don’t fret, though, despite the danger out there the Internet has a lot of services that can help protect your child from bad influence on the Internet and get their favorite games and resources in an efficient manner.

Parental control tools are now available specifically for mobile devices. This list will cover the five best Parental Control Android Apps for Kids. It should be noted that all the apps follow a freemium model.

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Parental Control Apps For Android

#1 Screen Time Parental Control

Screen Time is a parental control app that lets you manage the amount of time your children spend on their Android tablets and smartphones. A unique feature of this app is that it has an app timer that lets you set a daily time limit on the apps you want to restrict. It also blocks opening up games at night and instead allows only reading apps to be accessed. You can also block all social media apps during school hours so that the kid isn’t wasting time on Facebook and WhatsApp.

The app even offers rewards in terms of time saved. Kids used up today’s Screen Time? If they tidy their room, you can reward them with bonus time from the convenience of your own device. Add as many different tasks and chores as you like and see the difference in the responsibilities that they take up.

Screen Time gives you a 14-day free trial of its Premium version that allows you to manage and limit your family’s device usage. After your trial, you can continue to use Screen Time Premium with $5 monthly subscription or continue with limited free version. Check out the following video demo.

Download Screen Time Parental Control

#2 Norton Family Parental Control

The one comes from the popular antivirus and Trojan-proof makers, Norton. The Norton Family app offers a broad range of parental control and monitoring features for parents of today’s always-connected kids.

The app offers protection against unsuitable content on the web, including YouTube videos with the objectionable footage. You can even turn on Location Supervision for the ability to track the location of their device—and show it to you on a map.

On the parent portal, you’ll see activity-tracking reports designed to give you insight into how and where your kids spend their time online, so you can see what their interests are and help keep them safe.

The app has various minimal tabs that allow you to switch between Child Mode, Parent Mode, and Blocked list quickly. It lets you create several folders like ‘Alcohol,’ ‘Sexual’ and ‘Violence’ to differentiate the different apps and websites that you have blocked in your browser or phone interface.

Download Norton Family Parental Control 

#3 SecureTeen

SecureTeen brings you a complete parental control app, which addresses your worries by monitoring and filtering your kids’ online activities, keeping a tab on apps they download on their cell phones & tablets and keeps you informed about their location.

SecureTeen acts as a filter for removing all the objectionable and harmful content so your teenagers can enjoy all the good services that the internet has to offer. This app lets you monitor your child’s location, messages, calls and browsing habits etc. Overall it’s a complete tracking package; so yeah, use it wisely.

Download SecureTeen



#4 Kids Place

Kids Place is not just an app that acts as a filter for your kid’s Internet browsing routine; it is actually an app launcher that takes over the entire experience and offers one that is suitable for children of young age.
An app launcher with parental controls & child lock that protects your personal data and restricts kids to apps you have approved.

Kids Place app also prevents children from downloading new apps, making phone calls, texting or performing other actions that can cost you money. It even includes convenience features for parents such as auto app restart, useful for small kids who accidentally exit launched apps.

Although the app is free on Android, it does offer various in-app purchases that help improve the complexity of protecting your kids from harmful things on the Internet. Features like a screen control timer, brute force protection, blocking app uninstall, and the ability to run in the background mode, and you may choose to buy them as per your requirement.

Download Kids Place

Wrapping Up

This is it for the best Parental Control Android apps. These apps have been designed to help you protect your kids from the lurking dangers of the Internet or avoid them from wasting time at school or home. They are in no particular order, and you can check out all of them to decide the best one for yourself. Do let us know in the comments about the one you liked most.

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