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10 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

by Mufaddal Masalawala
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Consider this; you want to send your photo to a friend and, you want to make it look cooler. Maybe crop it a little bit and hide some disturbances in the background. Now usually, to do this, you would first transfer the picture from your smartphone to desktop and then edit it. But thanks to the latest technology editing photos on our smartphones have never been so easier. But searching for photo editors on play store will surely buzz you off.

Hence we tested dozens of apps on Google Play and handpicked some of the best Photo editing apps for Android. 

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Best Photo Editing Apps For Android

1. Snapseed

Snapseed is powered by Google. The user interface is clean and divided into two parts. The first being the basic photo editor which lets you perform crop, rotate, transform, etc. And the latter lets you apply some cool artistic filters. Besides being the basic photo editor, it can perform powerful editing too. For instance, you can edit RAW, DNG files and save them non-destructively.

Though one thing Snapseed lacks in is the absence of stickers, and the ability to edit in layers.

Snapseed screenshot

2. PicSay- Photo Editor

This app provides some basic photo editing features like distortion, text effects, color correction, etc. It specializes in creating and adding stickers to your photo. The app comes in two variants: Picsay and PicSay Pro. The pro version provides some extra features like high-resolution image editing, artistic effects, image corrections and much more.

picsay screenshot

3. Airbrush

With an average rating of 4.8 Airbrush is one of the most popular apps for applying quick fixes. It’s the best when it comes to removing facial irregularities. Some of its featured effects include blemish and pimple remover, teeth brightener, eyes brightener, reshaping tools and much more.

Overall, it’s a great photo editing tool if you take a lot of selfies.

airbrush screenshot

4. PolyGen- Create Polygon Art

Polygon is a unique app in this list; it lets you generate crystal patterns of your photo automatically or manually. The art generated are likely to be used for wallpapers, social media backgrounds, avatars/ illustrations for blog posts and much more. The app features neat, simple, easy-to-use interface.

We didn’t like the default output of the app. But you can always zoom in the phone and edit points to make it more realistic.

polygen screenshot

5. TouchRetouch

Let’s say you want to remove photobombers from your image, or pimples and skin blemishes, or telephones wires and power lines, or whatever you feel is spoiling your photo. Then there is no better way other than editing it with TouchRetouch. It has many amazing features such as one-touch fixes, single-flick line removal, easy-to-use retouching tool and much more.

touchRetouch screenshot

6. AfterFocus

Like TouchRetouch this app is also famous for diffusing unwanted objects in your image but, it works differently. It blurs out the background and focusses on the subject, the same effect you get from the DSLR’s.

To ease this process, the app has Smart focus area selection where you simply draw few lines to distinguish between focus and the background area quickly, and you’ll get some realistic background blur effects.

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afterfocus screenshot

7. StickIt! – Photo Sticker Maker

With StickIt you can crop the background of the image in the easiest, fastest and most innovative way possible. It offers three amazing handy features: Easy and Smart Cut– which works similar to that as AfterFocus, Realistic Sticker Effect- where you can easily apply realistic stroke or shadow effect to the cutout photo. And lastly Creative Effect- which lets you change the background, add colors or draw something.  

stickit screenshot

8. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express comes with tons of photo editing features on mobile and on tablets. From basic editing like rotation, cropping, red-eye removal, flipping, to professional editing such as noise reduction, defog, adjusting .highlights, shading, etc, you experience a whole variety of features you ever needed to edit. Overall, it’s a powerful tool, also capable of handling large file sizes.

adobe photoshop screenshot

9. Photo Editor by Aviary

This free app by Aviary is a simple way to edit photos with your tablet/ mobile with few simple touches. The app features plenty of photo effects and frames, one touch auto-enhance, basic editing, and cosmetic tools like red-eye removal and much more. Moreover, you can also save the photos in a high-resolution format as well.

photo editor by aviary screenshot

10. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt is the best professional-like photo editing tool, with tons of features, including picture blending, collage maker, double exposure, drawing tool and much more. Despite having tons of features, the interface is relatively simple and you can easily save your work in various formats. And the best part is, there are lots of tutorials on YouTube just like as we have on Photoshop for Desktop.

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picsart android screenshot

Final Verdict:

This is it for the list of best photo editing apps for Android. The best in our view is PicsArt studio which includes many professional features, but if you are in search for an app that has a simple straight-forward interface and gives maximum results then Snapseed best fits your requirement.

Which app do you use for editing photos? If we missed any of the best photo editing apps for Android, do let us know in the comments below.

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