Now You Can Play The Original GTA V on Your Android Phone

GTA V is a 65GB game which is available for Windows, PS4, and Xbox but you read it right, now you can play GTA V on your Android. Rockstar Games never bothered to release the official game on Android mainly due to the huge size of the game and intense hardware requirements to run it. However, independent developers Mikhail Pozdnyakov and Yaroslav Bykhovsky took it upon themselves and released the test version of unity based port of the GTA V. Even though, it is in the test phase and super buggy, you can still play it on your Android right now.

Ben Geskin on twitter teased a short video of GTA V on an Android device along with his Telegram invite link. If you wish to play the game on your Android device, you can click this link here and join his Telegram channel and download the APK. The APK sits at around 480 MB so make sure to check your data.

The port is available in Russian right now and if you can’t get around the menu, just press the button on the bottom right as shown in the image below.

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I played the port for a while on Pixel 3 and it was super buggy. The surroundings keep glitching out and your character Michael keeps getting stuck under the pavement. Apart from that, you can drive around in luxury cars and beat up strangers, and get shot by the local gang, you know normal GTA stuff.

This port is in no way comparable to actual GTA games like Vice City and San Andreas by Rockstar Games on the Play Store. So don’t treat it too harshly.

Right now, you can play it for the novelty of it but the game needs some serious improvements and as those improvements happen over time, I’m sure the game would become actually playable. So what do you think about this new port for GTA V? Have you played it, what’s your take on it, let me know in the comments below.

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