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How to Upload or Post a Video on Pinterest – Complete Guide

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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Pinterest, by default, only supports images. To pin videos to your Pinterest board, you have the option to save videos from other websites like YouTube. But it will only pin the thumbnail of the YouTube video and provide a link so people can watch the video on YouTube instead of inside Pinterest itself. Not an ideal solution, but gets the job done. But if you like to directly upload videos to Pinterest boards, you need a Pinterest Business account. Here’s how you can turn your Pinterest account into a Business account for free and upload videos on Pinterest. But before that, let’s see how we can pin videos with the help of YouTube.

How to Pin Videos on Pinterest from Websites Like YouTube

As you cannot upload videos to Pinterest directly, you can upload that video to YouTube and save it on Pinterest.

1. Once your video is uploaded to YouTube, open Pinterest and click on the Plus + icon at the bottom right corner. Then click on the + Create a Pin option.

Creating a new pin on Pinterest

2. On the upload page, select the option Save from website at the top.

Save from website on Pinterest

3. Here paste the YouTube link of your video that you want to upload to Pinterest or link from any website with a video. Then press Enter.

Pasting YouTube video link

4. On the next page, select the thumbnail photo and then click on Next. This photo will be posted on Pinterest with a link to YouTube where users may watch the video.

Selecting the thumbnail

5. Then, select the Pinterest board to post this pin on that board.

6. Once done, you can see the pin on your Pinterest board with the thumbnail. Open the Pin and click on the title to check out the video that you have posted.

Pinterest pin of YouTube video

As you would have noted, this is nothing but linking to a YouTube video instead of uploading the video. But here’s the workaround to do that.

How to Upload or Post Videos Directly on Pinterest

Here are a few things that you need to know before uploading videos to Pinterest:

Before You Begin

  • You can only post videos with a Pinterest Business account. It’s free and you can convert your existing account to a Business account in a few minutes. We will show how in just a minute.
  • Business account is nothing but a personal account with additional benefits like the ability to promote your pins by ads, more analytics, and insights, and other advantages like uploading video and a bit more customization to the account.
  • You can only upload .mp4, .m4v, .mov files to Pinterest.
  • The maximum file size is 2GB and max length is 30 mins.
  • Vertical videos work well with Pinterest layout, but it supports all aspect ratios.

How to Convert Pinterest Personal Account to Business Account

To convert your account to a Business account:

1. First go to Pinterest Business account page and log in to Pinterest if you haven’t already.

Creating a free Pinterest business account

2. Now enter your profile name and select No if you don’t have a website. Then select a country and language and click on Next.

Building profile on Business Pinterest Account

3. Now select the focus of your business. Choose something that best describes your account and business.

4. On the next page, select I’m not sure (if given options don’t describe your business) and click on Next.

Describing the business

5. Then it asks whether you are interested in running ads on Pinterest. Again, select I’m not sure yet and click on Next.

Intrested in running ads on Pinterest?

That’s it. Your personal Pinterest account is now successfully converted into a Business account.

How to Upload/Post a Video on Pinterest

Once your account is converted into a Business account, uploading a video is as simple as posting an image on Pinterest.

1. On the Pinterest homepage, click on Create button in the top menu and then select the option Create Pin.

Creating a pin on Pinterest Business Account

2. Here you can upload the video that you want to post on Pinterest. Make sure it isn’t more than 2GB and 30 mins long.

3. Add a title, description, alt text, etc.

4. Then click on the Select option above and then select the Pinterest board that you want to upload this video to.

Upload video on Pinterest

5. Once selected, click on Publish.

That’s it. Your video will be posted on Pinterest and people can watch the video natively on Pinterest itself.

Wrapping Up: Pin or Upload Video to Pinterest

The easiest way to post is through the YouTube method. But it only posts a thumbnail with a link to the video. But if you want to upload the video directly, switch your Pinterest account to Business and post the video. Also, you can open Pinterest Settings > Account Settings and convert your account to a normal account. You will lose the option to upload videos but all the videos that are already uploaded will stay in your profile.

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