Bluestack: How to insert profile picture in Whatsapp (Video)

Last updated on Oct 2014

Since you reading this page, I am assuming that you have successfully install bluestack and running whatsapp in it. But you are struck or donot know how to Change your Profile Pictures on whatsapp. Right ? Well don’t worry, you have come to right place now. This article has helped many people who wants to insert profile picture on whatsapp and I sure it will help you to. So having said that, let get it started.

If you don’t have much time to read this article then I will suggest you watch this video on How to set profile picture on whatsapp on the latest 2014 version of bluestacks. I will suggest you skip half of the video to reach the part where I showed how to insert profile picture.

Moving on with out step by step guide on insert profile picture in Whatsapp

1. Install ES file explorer in whatsapp.

insert profile picture in Whatsapp

2. Now go to your my computer > c drive > program data >Bluestacks > User data > Shared Folder

insert profile picture in Whatsapp

3. Now this picture will be update in the bluestacks library, you can find this under  BstSharedFolder.

4. Once you find your image click on it and select the more option from the bottom menu. And choose the Open As option.

insert profile picture in Whatsapp2

5. Select open as image option as shown below.

insert profile picture in Whatsapp3

6.Click on View picture.

set profile picture in whatsapp in bluestacks in pc

7. Select set as option from the bottom menu and select whatsapp profile picture from there.

set profile picture in whatsapp in bluestacks

Now image will be update as your whatsapp profile picture on bluestacks. If you face any problem the let me know using the comment section below and I will do my best to solve then.

If you face compatibility issue while using bluestacks then you can check out this guide.

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