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5 Best Puppy Scheduling Apps to Create a Dog Routine

by Ravi Teja KNTS
Best Puppy Scheduling Apps

If you are a proud puppy parent, you already know how hard it is to make time for him/her on a daily basis for all their activities. Scheduling time for your puppy is different from scheduling our other work. The idea is, instead of just randomly providing food or talking out for a walk, you need to keep track of when your dog likes to do all these activities. So when you create a schedule for your dog, your dog can also follow that schedule easily. Here are the best puppy scheduling apps every pup parent needs.

Best Puppy Scheduling Apps for Android and iOS

Let’s start with a puppy scheduling app that’s available on both mobile platforms.

1. Doggy Time

While most scheduling apps are only available on either Android or iOS, Doggy Time is available on both and also has the cleanest UI comparatively. The app helps you to keep a log of most dog activities like drinking, eating, peeing, pooping, walking, playing, sleeping, grooming, cleaning, vaccine, temperature, height, weight, etc. Once you start logging the data in after every session, it will display useful graphs helping you fine-tune the schedule. Later, you can set reminders for all those activities.

Doggy Time Puppy Scheduling App

Doggy Time allows creating multiple profiles for different dogs, in case you own more than one. You can set reminders one-time, daily, weekly, and monthly. Upon sign-in, it will sync data across devices so you can easily switch devices.

Download Doggy Time on Android and iOS.

2. Puppy Potty Log

Doggy Time can be overwhelming for some users. Try Potty Log for something simpler. Instead of trying to log all activities like cleaning, vaccine, temperature checks, etc., Puppy Potty Log concentrates on only essential activities like eating, drinking, pooping, and peeing. Once the data is entered, the app itself will predict the best time for future activities. It learns from your dog’s behaviors.

Puppy Potty Log

As these are the most essential activities, you end with a simple app that also automatically predicts and makes your work a lot easier. The app is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store and also provides multiple profiles for different dogs just like Doggy Time.

Download Puppy Potty Log on Android and iOS

3. DogLog

Instead of scheduling activities for your own dog, DogLog allows doing it with other dog owners. So it’s not just you that is going for a walk anymore. You can go with other dog owners in your neighborhood. Instead of creating profiles for dogs, here you can create a pack and can ask others users to join. Each user can add their dog to the app. Now when you schedule and create reminders, you also have the option to add other dog owners as collaborators. Once you schedule the activity, it will not only remind you but also collaborators.

DogLog Puppy Scheduling App

Makes it fun to take your dog for a walk, vaccines, health checkups, grooming, and more with your new friends. How cool is that?

Download DogLog on Android and iOS

4. Pup To Date

Pup To Date is an iOS app that differentiates itself from other dog scheduling apps using Apple Emojis. Instead of using random icons for activities, use Apple Emojis. Pup To Date also provides you with graphs and calendars filled with emojis. A much cooler overview of the activities than just having charts to display data.

Pup To Date Puppy Scheduling App

As you may have guessed, it is only available on iOS as it works with Apple Emojis.

Download Pup To Date on iOS

5. GoDog

GoDog is more tuned towards dog health tracking and grooming needs. It is for scheduling activities such as vaccines, deworming, ticks, and fleas, grooming, nails, teeth, ear cleaning, etc. As these activities are not directly related to dogs’ actions, you don’t get an option to track their activities. Instead, you can set one-time or recurring reminders

GoDog Puppy Scheduling App

Based on your dog’s breed, age, and health info entered, GoDog will suggest how much walking your dog needs, skills that will help him/her, etc. Basically, this is a dog health app.

Download GoDog on Android and iOS

It’s Puppy Time

With any of these puppy scheduling apps, you will know when’s the right time for a particular dog activity. Reminders will help you never forget and always be on time to take your pup for a walk and feed him/her. Additionally, you can use the GoDog app to keep track of your dog’s health and schedule appointments accordingly.

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