Prioritize Downloading in Multipart torrent

Torrent junkie writes,

Dear RTT,

I am downloading a TV show from a torrent; it has around 20 episode. When I start the download, all files were downloading concurrently.

But I want to download the files in order, for instance, first, the episode 1 should download, followed by episode 2 and so on. This will enable me to watch the episode simultaneously while the successive videos are still downloading. Is it possible?

Hello Torrent junkie, So you are looking to download parts of a torrent file (episodes in your case) in a sequence. Right ? Well, the solution is simple, but it’s somewhere hidden in the settings. So let’s take a look.

Head over to a BitTorrent client. Select you torrent and from the detail panel at the bottom half of the screen select ‘files‘ option. You will see a list of all episode, right click on the files you want to download and select ‘high priority’ while set the other as ‘low priority.’

Quick Way To Prioritize Downloading in Multipart torrent

As the name suggest, ‘high priory’ files will be downloaded first, then low priority data. And thus you can enjoy watching your video while the rest is still downloading.

Note: Since your download in bit torrent depends on your peer’s upload, there is no guarantee that high priority file will download first. If the high priority files are available in the peer’s computers, then bit torrent will make an attempt to download it first, or it won’t work. However, I have been using workaround from a long time and most of the time it works.

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