How to Quickly Add Events To Microsoft Calendar in Windows 10

In the Windows November 2019 update version 1909, Microsoft made some minor additions to the UI front. This made a couple of things a lot more accessible like creating calendar events or online searches within the File Explorer. Previously, the same menu would fly out to the Microsoft Calendar app. But, now it is integrated into the Taskbar itself. So, now you can quickly add events to your calendar from the taskbar. Moreover, the same can also be accessed on your Android device.

How to Quickly Add Events To Microsoft Calendar in Windows 10

If you still haven’t installed the update, you can head over to the start menu and type “Check for updates”. On the update menu, click on the Check for updates button and you should be able to download the Windows 10 version 1909 November 2019 update.

Adding events to your Calendar now is pretty much straight-forward. Click on the Date and Time at the bottom-right of the taskbar. From the extended menu, you will see a calendar similar and an event section just below it. These elements are exactly similar to the previous version of Windows. However, there is a subtle inclusion of a Textbox just beneath the Today label.

You can now directly add Events to the Calendar by typing the agenda in the Textbox. Previously, you could only view events from the taskbar and in order to add an event, you have to fly out to the Microsoft Calendar app.

Microsoft Calendar has deep sync with other Microsoft products. So, like me, if you use Microsoft Mail, it would prove much efficient to quickly add an event to Google Calendar right away from the taskbar. For instance, I have the same Google account logged in my Android and Microsoft Mail. The added events now get forwarded to Gmail and eventually get synced with Google Calendar. So, I can right away access these events on my phone or ask Google Assistant instead.

Google Assistant yet cannot pick up events for your GSuite Account. It only works with personal accounts.

Moreover, in the latest update, Microsoft revamped the Notification and Action Center. Now, you have a pictorial representation of a banner notification and a notification in the Action Center.

Additionally, you can now disable the Notification sound for all apps. Previously, you had to disable notification sound for every single app which was a tedious process.

The Windows 10 Version 1909 has few Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity issues. If you want to hold back and skip this update, don’t worry Windows 10 won’t automatically install these updates. It is only available for people who click on the “Check for Updates” button.

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