How to Quickly Switch Gmail Accounts on Android and iOS

To switch between two or more accounts in the Gmail app, first, you need to tap the profile picture on the top right and then choose the email address from the list of available Gmail account. But recently, Google added a new gesture that let you quickly switch between accounts by swiping up or down on the profile icon.

Google is rolling out this update in batches, so some of you might not be able to experience it right away. But, you can always make sure you are running the latest version of the Gmail by updating it from the Play Store or Apple Store.

We tried this feature on our test devices, Gmail version 6.0.190721, on iPhone Xs Max and version 2019.08.18.265839257 on Google Pixel 3, and we were able to switch account easily.

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If you are running these version of Android, simply head over to the Gmail app and swipe up or down on the profile icon to switch between your Gmail account.  Note that, you need to be signed in to multiple accounts to use this feature.

Previously, you would have to tap on the Profile icon to switch between Gmail accounts. But now, you can just swipe over the profile to quickly switch to the next account. The swipe works in chronological order and swipe down would take you to the next account in the list. Similarly, swiping up would take you back to the previous account in the list.


The same gesture is available in Google Drive, Google Maps as well as Google Docs for switching quickly between multiple accounts. Google has promised that this gesture will eventually roll out to Google Contacts, YouTube, Google News, and Google Chrome as well. But, this update will make it’s way once we have Android Q launched at the end of 2019.

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