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How to Quickly Unsubscribe From Bulk Mail

by Mrinal Saha
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Your inbox is filled with the newsletters, you have subscribed in the past. But now, you want to get rid of these unwanted emails.

Now, the traditional way to unsubscribe from a newsletter is – open the promotional email, and click on a small unsubscribe link (usually in the footer). And that will do the job.

But if you have subscribed to a dozen newsletters, then repeating the above process for each of them is quite tedious. Right?

Well, the good news is, with free service like Unroll.me, you can unsubscribe to bulk newsletters with just a few clicks.

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They support all the major services including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. And also has a iOS app, but sadly no love for Android yet.

Here is how it works–

  1. Go to unroll.me website
  2. Click on get started button
  3. Enter you email address and authorised it
  4. Unroll.me will start scanning your account for sales/newsletters emails.
  5. Once done, you’ll see a list of service that sends your newsletter, with a unsubscribe button next to their names.
  6. Click on that unsubscribed button, and you won’t get any newsletter from that company in future

Video: How to Quickly Unsubscribe From Bulk Mail 

Wrapping up

Unroll.me is a free app to unclutter your inbox. They use Google OAuth to gain access to your Gmail, which is which they do not have access to your Google password. But the company has been caught selling user data to an advertising company. So, yeah. I do not recommend using this service for your private or professional emails account.

I suggest using two email addresses —

One is for general internet use – like creating an account, subscribing to service, etc. This is where I use Unroll.me

And the second email address is for personal and professional use only, where I do not use any third party plugin or service.

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