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8 Reasons Why ChatGPT Won’t Replace Google

by Subham Raj
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Here we are on the controversial topic of ChatGPT vs Google. As I’m writing this, ChatGPT has already taken over the internet by storm within a short period of time. There are many who are talking about how cool ChatGPT is (and it is) after using it and how it may replace Google Search. One day, some form of AI will likely dethrone Google. But today, I will share some reasons why ChatGPT can’t replace Google, not yet at least. Let’s dive right into it.

1. Slow

ChatGPT is great but is slow compared to Google Search. Google usually comes up with results in a fraction of a second but ChatGPT sometimes takes a moment to generate a response to the query. With Google, you can rely on speed because whatever you’re trying to find out, you will get results instantly. In a world of short videos, Tik-Toks, and reels, capturing someone’s attention instantly matters.

Let’s take a look at an example. Here’s what happens when I ask the same question “how are calories in food measured” to ChatGPT and Google both.

ChatGPT generating a result slowly

ChatGPT took a moment to generate a response here but Google was ready as soon as I hit enter/return on my keyboard.

Google showing results quickly

2. Text-Only Result

If you’ve ever used ChatGPT, you must have noticed that it outputs results in text. So if you’re ever in need of searching for something visual, like images or videos, ChatGPT isn’t even in the race. On the other hand, Google provides you with a ton of imagery which is always helpful when you are trying to learn something visually.

Let’s take a look at another example where I wanted to know what avocados looked like to ChatGPT and Google.

ChatGPT showing text results

While ChatGPT’s description reads accurate, if I don’t know what Avocado looks like, I’ll still be wondering. But Google saved me here.

Google showing images in results

And because Google also owns YouTube, you will find videos not only in Search results, but also there is a dedicated tab for Videos.

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3. Single Result

Every time you search for something on ChatGPT, you get one response in the results. While Google comes up with tens of results quickly. So if you are researching a topic, Google would be much more helpful than ChatGPT here. Relying on a single result from ChatGPT can also lead to wrong or false information sometimes.

You can clearly see how Google beats ChatGPT in terms of the number of results when I enter a simple query “iPhone 13 Pro review”.

ChatGPT replying with single result

Google has delivered a variety of results to your doorstep but that’s not the case with ChatGPT here. That means you get to read reviews from different experts, bringing fresh perspectives to the table. On the other hand, ChatGPT relies more on facts and specifications to answer the query. There is no writer and hence no human element.

Google presenting multiple results

4. No Source for the Result

There’s another problem with ChatGPT’s results and answers and that is the lack of a source. ChatGPT doesn’t provide you with a source for the result. It just provides you with a result and it is totally up to you whether you want to trust it or not. On the contrary, Google provides you with websites’ names along with the results so that you can take a look at where the result is coming from. Google also provides some additional valuable information like when was this source first indexed which can be helpful while doing investigative journalism and working on a school or a college project. And of course, once you open the blog, you can find out more about the writer or author who wrote the piece.

Let’s take a look at another example. When I wanted to know “when was the first Indian satellite to mars launched?”, and this is how ChatGPT and Google answered the question. ChatGPT comes back with information that may or may not be true as there is no way to verify the source. But Google goes a step further and displays extra information about the result it indexed. Thus, I can rely on Google more.

ChatGPT shows no source for the result

There is no way to find out whether the result that ChatGPT comes back with is or isn’t right because there are no sources or links attached. So I went to Google and voila! It gave me results from sources like ISRO, space.com, etc. which I know is trustworthy.

Google showing results and about the source

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5. No Suggestions Related to Query

One more notable thing is that whenever you’re searching for something on ChatGPT, it doesn’t provide you with relevant suggestions for your current search phrase. But when you repeat the same search with Google, it suggests related keywords and queries that you might be looking for instead. With ChatGPT, your search is limited to your query only, which is a bummer.

Let’s take a look at another example where I asked ChatGPT and Google both about the “India gross domestic product”.

ChatGPT showing no suggestions

ChatGPT explains the definition of the query I entered, however, Google is smart enough to understand that I am not looking for definitions, but figures.

Google showing suggestions related to the query

6. Factual Errors Sometimes

There are several instances where ChatGPT fails miserably. Many people including me have noticed some factual errors in ChatGPT’s results. So if you’re thinking of using the results from ChatGPT for a presentation or a project, you must do a thorough fact-check using Google.

Let’s take a look at one more example where ChatGPT failed to provide me with basic facts about the iPhone 12.

ChatGPT does factual errors

As we know that Apple introduced a new color with iPhone 12 i.e, purple. But ChatGPT didn’t mention that clearly. But when I searched the same thing on Google I found an Apple Newsroom article ranking that adds more color.

Google showing accurate results

7. Can’t Search for Products

If you are a shopaholic who likes to shop online or a person like me who likes to research online and then buy offline, ChatGPT can’t help you here. You simply are stuck in a loop of endless chats with a human-like-sounding bot. But if you go to Google, it will show you different products, their prices, ratings, and much more information. You can scroll through multiple options before making a confirmed decision on Google.

Let’s see what ChatGPT and Google say when I ask for a “Balenciaga fanny pack”.

ChatGPT unable to search for products

It is evident that if I was to buy a product or even research about it I would choose Google cause ChatGPT is of no help here.

Google product search results

8. Not Connected to the Internet at All

The last and the most obvious reason why ChatGPT can’t replace Google is that it is not connected to the internet. Whenever you perform a search on ChatGPT, it generates a result from its database. While we all know that Google is always connected to the internet in real-time. So whether you want to track the live price of currencies or stocks or want to have a look at the current news, ChatGPT will be as good as a smartphone without the internet.

Let’s take a look at the results from ChatGPT and Google when I asked about the price of Apple stock.

ChatGPT not connected to the Internet

As I said that ChatGPT isn’t connected to the internet hence, it failed to show me the price for Apple stock. While Google came up with the live price of the Apple stock instantly.

Google showing the live price of stocks

And don’t forget Google Search has dedicated tabs for News and Finance where you can find breaking news from across the globe on different topics.

Google Search > ChatGPT

In a nutshell, Google has been in the industry of search engines for more than two decades straight and none of its competition is even close. Not even Yahoo. Plus, the parent company of ChatGPT i.e, OpenAI hasn’t shown interest in making a search engine at all. And ChatGPT is a chatbot that is limited to a set of rules and parameters, but it definitely has shown that it has some serious potential in it.

For now, Google Search and ChatGPT are two separate products that can be used together, and even complement each other maybe, but cannot replace each other. However, there seems to be little doubt now that AI is going to be big in the coming years and shake up many industries. Google knows that which is why it is also developing an AI language model like ChatGPT called LaMDA. We will continue to follow its development and keep you posted.

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