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How to Make Online Bill Payment Using SBI Online Banking

by Mrinal Saha
Sbi online banking:How to make rechareges using internet banking

With SBIonline Banking you can not only transfer funds but it also gives you the power to make online recharges and bill payments. And here are some of the cool things you can do with SBI Net Banking Service India other than fund transfer.

  • Recharge mobile no/data card/dish recharge
  • Pay electricity or gas bills online
  • Schedule insurance premium online
  • Issue and schedule fixed deposit online

SBI Net Banking Charges

FREE. Not only SBI Net Banking Activation is free but almost every bank like HDFC or PNB charge nothing for to using for online banking.

You can make online bill payment from your account directly by going to a bill payment option from the menu. You can schedule bill payment for the monthly cycle.


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Or use websites like paytm which supports online banking as a payment method which most of them too.

General instruction

To make mobile/DTH recharges, visit a website like freecharge, paytm and create an account. If you are new then don’t worry, the process is simple. You will have to enter basic information like name, email, and phone no. (These websites don’t misuse your mobile no)

Now once your account is created, simply see a recharge phone option, enter your mobile no. select the amount and proceed to make payment. Select internet banking in the payment option and make payment. The following video will show you steps in details.

However, if you have to pay bills, then you can do either from your internet banking dashboard or from 3rd party portal like visa bill pay.

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How to online recharge using sbi net banking (Video)

Before you go

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