How to reduce eye strain while using computer

Working long hours on computer could  be fun, but if your work involves too much interaction with the computer screen then you are most likely to experienced eye strain, wet eyes and even headache. Recently I have gone to same phase when I have to work for 8-10 hours in front of  computer screen and when I  was not using laptop I was using my tablet for web surfing. And have been noticing these symptoms to myself .

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If  you are used to computer or even a mobile devices a lot then read along and keep your eyes safe. After surfing the web I tried out few things some of them worked other not so well like buying new computer glasses or new screen might not be the option from most of us, ( See the update below ) In this article I will be listing most effective techniques that was advised to me by my doctor and provides a better Computer Eye Strain Solutions.


Reduce eye strain while using computer

1. Adjust your computer so that its top meet your eye level and the distance of the screen should be 20-30 inches away from your eyes to Reduce Eye Strain at Work.

2. If you are planning for working long hours than prefer table over bed.

3. Take a break and drink lots of water. Unlike others I prefer not to keep glass of water on the table but instead walking to kitchen every time I have to drink water. In this way you can give yourself a small break and relief you neck and do Exercises to Reduce Eye Strain by moving your eyes in all directions.

4. Computer Eye Strain Caused due to excess high or low amount of light coming from screen. Therefore adjust the brightness your screen to match the surrounding lights. In the daylight keep the brightness high and low if you are using it at night, the point is your eye should not focus much to the computer screen. Always prefer bright room with natural sunlight.In my office I had both a window and light bulb for sufficient light.

5. If you have to use your laptop at low light area use a usb table lamp. For tablets and mobile devices use the apps like article to reduce the brightness than default night browsing.

6. Use ctrl + + to increase the font size for browsing for Computer Eye Strain Prevention.

7. Convert your video into audio and then listen to it in your mp3 PlayerIf you are like me watching YouTube video all the time then this sure can work out for you as well. I have found many video that are only presentation of slides or  people speaking while no activity is done on the screen.

8. Follow the 20-20-20 rule. ie while you are working on your computer take a break in every 20 minutes and look at some object which is 20 meters away for 20 seconds. Initially you will need to keep this in mind, I used to write down 20-20-20 in a sticky note and put it in front of my computer screen. Gradually you will develop a habit for that.


20-20-20 rule
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Check out this video on How to reduce eye strain while using computer

If you still have wet eyes or redness which you think might be because of computer , leave the work immediately and consult the doctor asap. No work is more important than you eyes.

Get Computer glasses to reduce eye strain


If you are wondering what are those and do computer glasses really work.Well the answer is these are special kind of Glasses to Reduce Computer Glare which work by filtering the harmful rays from the computer screen thus Reduce Eye Strain.However these glasses cost more than the normal pair , but you will feel the difference and remember health is more important the money . To know more about Computer Glasses for Eye Strain check out this article from lifehacker.


After having Eyestrain & Headaches for longer time I decided to visit doctor for Computer Eye Strain Treatment. And after some tests and check ups I came to know that excess sitting in front of computer screen has caused severe impact on my eyes. My eyesight has weekend and now I had to wear glasses. Normally people get glass at early or late age but I got it when I was 22, which is kind of rare.

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