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How to Remove Blue Ticks on WhatsApp

by Mrinal Saha
Remove Blue Ticks on WhatsApp

Update Nov 14: As predicted WhatsApp has now made the ‘read feature’ optional in its latest version.

To get it, update your WhatsApp from the App store or download its apk from official website. Once you have the latest version, you will find this option under settings > accounts > privacy settings.

Remove Blue Ticks on WhatsApp privacy settings

Video : How to remove ‘Blue Ticks’ from whatsapp

Original article

WhatsApp has recently introduce a new feature that let sender know if the recipients has read their messages or not. This is done by changing the color of double ticks from brown to blue.

Remove Blue Ticks on WhatsApp

Even though this is a useful feature, many people don’t like it. Rumor has it, this ‘seen’ feature would be made optional in future. However no official statement has been made yet.

You can use this workaround for reading WhatsApp message without updating your time stamp. However if want two completely remove blue ticks then try the following workaround.

Remove Blue Ticks on WhatsApp


 message successfully sent
 message successfully delivered to the recipient’s phone

After 7 Nov

 message successfully sent

 message successfully delivered to the recipient’s phone

 the recipient has read your message

Therefore, to remove this blue check marks uninstall the latest version of  WhatsApp (Version 2.11.431) and install the earlier version. Since this ‘read’ feature is added to latest version only, blue check marks won’t appear in the older version. This concept applies to all apps BTW.

Once you install the previous version, your contacts won’t see the  (blue ticks) even when you read the text. However you won’t be able to see blue ticks on their end as well.

Where to find older earlier version of WhatsApp:

You can always Google older version of  WhatsApp or take it from a friend who has not updated his/her WhatsApp. Make sure the apk is not more than 6 months old or it won’t work.

If you are Android user then you can use this dropbox link for older WhatsApp apk. [tested the apk and can confirm it works]

Before you go:

Take the backup of your WhatsApp conversation and make sure to turn of automatic update off  form Play Store settings.

do not update whatsapp

Alternate way : Use pop-up notification

For those, who can not find the older version of WhatsApp, can still avoid ‘blue ticks’ by enabling the pop up notification.  WhatsApp settings > notification > pop up notification > always show pop up.

Now you will be able to read WhatsApp messages from pop-up, without even opening the app. And since you are not opening the app ‘blue ticks’ won’t appear.

Remove Blue Ticks on WhatsApp without older apk

Do not to tap on the pop-up message area or it will launch the app and blue ticks will appear. Use the home or back button to close the pop up.

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