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How to do Research for YouTube Videos

by Mrinal Saha
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To succeed in any new business, you need to do either of these two things — build something that people want but no one has made it before. Or if it already exists then make the better version of it.

Now, this also holds true for YouTube. If you are just starting a new channel, either make videos that no one is making (and that people want to see it) or make your videos better than the existing players.


Now let’s be honest, if you are just starting a YouTube channel, you can not compete with the settled players. You don’t have the resources or the experience to do that.

So the next best thing you can do, to get notice in the crowded world of internet is —

Make something with high demand and low supply.

Now obviously, it is much easier said than done. Ninty percent of this high demand low supply stuff is spam or unreliable. Like how to lose 20 pounds in a week, only secret that will make you a millionaire etc etc.

However, if you are constantly looking for that high demand topic and making videos on it, you will eventually get notice. One of that video will go viral and bring good traffic. Now if all the other videos are equally good. Your channel will grow, very fast.

Note: When I say, you should cover hot topics, I don’t mean you should cover anything that’s popular. But only go for the topics that you find interesting and are also popular. Something that comes under your area of expertise.


So how do you find high demand and low supply topic?

Well, you can’t predict the success of any YouTube video. There is no single recipe to make a viral video (or else everyone would be doing that)

However, there are few metrics that can help us identify high demand and low supply topic on YouTube. Or at least, it will give you a better idea about your target audience.

I do this for most of my videos. It helps me to find how much is the demand, what is age and demographic of my target audience, and what they want in a video.

So here is how to do it (video tutorial at the end of the video)

Step 1: Make a list of topics on which you would like to make videos. And then run one by one in YouTube search.

For instance – say one of the topic is how to meditate. So search this keyword on YouTube. You will see several results. We have to analyse them.

Step 2: Now if you see too many top rank videos that are old videos with high views count. This means it’s the right topic. You see old video means low supply and high views count means high demand. Basic economics.


But, we need to analyse them further. So go through each video one by one. Start by clicking the first video and look for following details.

>If the uploader has low subscriber base — it means good search traffic

> If the number of unlikes is more than 10 percent of likes — it means viewers are not satisfied with the content or presentation. This is a window of opportunity for you. Diagnose the problem and make sure it doesn’t happen in your video.

> Scroll down to the bottom of the video and click on the more option. There you will see video stats click on that and change the filter to daily — if the number is high, people are still looking for this topic.

see daily view counts
> Finally, check the comments to see target audience and comments and suggestion.
Step 3: Repeat this process for at least top 5 videos. This will give you a better idea of the demand and supply ratio and you know more about your target audience.

See the steps in action in this video tutorial

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