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How to Reset Password in HDFC Net Banking

by Mrinal Saha
Reset Password in HDFC Net Banking

Net banking is cool, but at the same time, you should use it carefully. If your login credentials fall into wrong hand, you are doomed.

 Reset Password in HDFC Net Banking

With that in mind, banks make the password recovery process a little more challenging, than usual. That’s you don’t get ‘new password link’ in your email like you get with other online services.

I use net banking service from HDFC, SBI, and ICICI. And one thing which is common with all of them are — they will thoroughly confirm your identity before generating a new password.

So let’s see how to reset HDFC net banking password.

There are 2 situations when one may need to reset net banking password-

  1. If you have forgotten, your IPIN or net banking login password
  2. If you have entered 5 consecutive wrong IPIN (password), your net banking will be disabled.

Both have a different procedure to reset the password.

So let us start with first one.

Case I: Forget HDFC net banking password

If you don’t remember your login password then you can you can easily reset it by following the bank instructions.

#1 Click on the forget password link, on the HDFC net banking login page and follow on-screen instruction.

forget password of hdfc net banking

#2 Enter your customer id.

enter your customer id

#3 On the next screen, you will have to enter OTP (one time password) which is delivered to your register mobile no.

enter one time password

#3 Next, enter your linked debit/credit card number and its details, like expiry date, pin etc.

Also add the new password for login. And that’s it, your new password will start working instantly.

How to Reset Password in HDFC Net Banking

Case II: Account Disabled due to 5 consecutive wrong password

This situation is pretty bad, because even though you remember the password correctly, you no longer have access to your account.

HDFC automatically block your net banking account after 5 consecutive wrong password attempt, or if you have not used NetBanking for more than 180 days.

One solution is to visit your nearest HDFC branch and fill a request form. But that’s boring, right? Can we do that online?

Well, there is a workaround.


Few months back, I published a video on how to reset the password after 5 consecutive wrong attempts. But soon after that, HDFC has changed their website structure and the video doesn’t work anymore.

But there is a new workaround.

All you have to do is send an email to HDFC support (support@hdfcbank.com) with subject ”Enable ID” and mention your Customer ID in the message and ask them to remove the banned, or alternately you can call HDFC PhoneBanking.

Soon, you will get a reply from their team, confirming the banned has been lifted up.

reset password in hdfc netbanking

Quoting from HDFC support page, the solution is-


In such cases if you remember the IPIN please send an Email to support@hdfcbank.com with subject ”Enable ID”and mention your Customer ID in the message. The ID will be enabled within 24 hrs and you can try logging in with the same IPIN.

“A new IPIN will be sent to you or you can call the PhoneBanking (If you have a valid TIN ) and ask for regeneration, the new IPIN will be mailed to you. Or call PhoneBanking (if you have TIN) and request for regeneration.”

Top Image credit: Pixabay

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