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How to reset windows Login password (Video)

by Mrinal Saha

Forgetting Administrator password is never cool. But luckily there are many password reset tools available that can easily reset windows login password. However one big disadvantage of using most of these tools are, either they paid or quite complicated to work with.

Watch this video on How to rest passwords on Windows. (recommended)

Therefore an average PC user is forced to consult a computer technicians and ended up paying unnecessary charges. But Great new is,  you can easily reset your windows login password using Hiren Boot CD and that to without going though any complicated steps.

This workaround will work for all version of windows whether if it’s server edition or Windows xp/vista/7 or even Windows 8.

Thing you will need

  1. Computer with working internet connection.
  2. Pen Drive (anything more than 1 GB will do)

Follow the steps

1. You will need download two files.

  • First one is Hiren Boot CD. Downloaded from here. (Size 592 Mb)

Download Hiren Boot Cd

  • Second file you need to download Rufus from here, that is require to burn Hiren Boot CD in USB.

rufus hirens boot cd

2. After downloading both the files, extract the Hiren Boot CD.

Extract the Hiren Boot CD

3. Now plugin in your Pen drive, and run the Rufus Program. While keeping everything as default (See the screenshot below) select your Hiren boot iso file.  And then click Start, to start burning your Hiren boot iso into USB.

Burning Hiren Boot CD in Rufus

4. Once the pen drive ready just remove it from this computer and plug it back to the computer, whose password you want to reset.

Plug in bootable Pen drive to locked computer

5. Restart the system and change the boot preference to Boot from USB instead of Hard Drive.

Boot Hiren Boot CD form USB

Changing Boot preference varies according to your computer manufacturer. Usually you do that by pressing ESC or different function key (F12). But if you are not sure about your computer than Google it with your computer model no.

6. Now you will see a couple of option, here select the Mini Windows XP Option.

select the Mini Windows XP

7. After Windows Mini load up, from the desktop click on the icon HBCD Menu > Programs > Password/Keys > Windows Login > then Select the NTPWEdit (Reset XP/Vista /7 User password ) option.

Reset Windows password from here

8. A dialogue box will open but with no account showing under user list. This is because the drive that contain your windows is now changed. So to find out correct path of your windows, open My computer and see which drive has your windows installation files.

Replace the drive letter to where your Windows is install

(In my case it was F drive, so I have replace the Letter C with F and once you find the correct drive just replace it and press reopen button.

9. Now you will see all the user account on your system. Select the account whose password you want to change or leave it blank to remove password.

Reset the password and Save changes

10. Restart your PC and your password will reset to one you have entered in the above step.

Restart your system and password will reset

This is safest,easiest and off-course free way to reset password for any windows computer, but if you are still face any problem then use this contact form on my blog, ping me social media like twitter, Facebook and I will try to respond according.

And if this work for you, then do let me know using the comment section below.


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