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7 Best Riyaz Apps for Mobile and Desktop

by Vaibhav
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We have talked about music apps before, however, if you are someone who is learning Indian classical, the practice or riyaz tools are quite different as compared to western. Here, musicians use tabla or tanpura while they practice and also when they perform. Since it is a hassle to carry these instruments, you can try riyaz apps for mobile and desktop instead to help you out.

Riyaz Apps for Android

1. Tanpura Droid

If you are a beginner who is learning classical music, you must have seen performances or practice sessions. A common instrument that is used in these sessions is the tanpura. It not only helps in tuning other instruments but to practice as well. Tanpura Droid reduces the need to carry a big instrument. All you need to do is, download the app, and you are good to go.

Tanpura Droid App Layout

The app is extremely basic and sticks to the essentials. You have a volume and speed option along with the pitch shift feature on the homepage. You can also modify audio and change the first string sound, which is all you would require.

Get Tanpura Droid

2. Tabla Taal

If you have made up your mind to be on the stage someday, I am sure you know how important it is to stay in rhythm. Unlike western music which uses a metronome, in Indian classical you use the tabla, which is exactly what this app mimics.

Tabla Taal App Layout

It is even more minimal than the first one and displays all the features such as the selection of taal, tempo, pitch, and volume on the home page. Besides that, there is just a play button that controls the playback.

Get Tabla Taal

3. Sur Sadhak

Sur Sadhak is a combination of the above two in a well-designed user interface. It is minimal and very easy to tweak. Whether you are practicing vocals or any other Indian instrument, Sur Sadhak is a good riyaz app.

The app has a mixer section so you can mix and match the volume to suit your practice preference

Sur Sadhak App Layout

You have a dedicated tabla and tanpura section. You can change the beats played per minute and choose from different taals such as dadra, pauri, teen taal, etc. The best part is that both tabla and tanpura can be played together or individually depending on your practice target.

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Riyaz Apps for iPhone and iPad

4. Dhwani Tanpura

iOS also has plenty of options when it comes to Indian classical music and riyaz apps. Dhawani Tanpura is just like Tanpura Droid that we talked about above. It is easily customizable and all you have to do to change the pitch is scroll on the screen.

Dhwani Tanpura App Layout

In the quick settings, you have a fine pitch and tempo option. If you are thinking of ads, you are lucky. This app is free and does not contain any ads.

Get Dhwani Tanpura

5. NaadSadhana

This is one of the highly-rated riyaz apps on the Apple App Store if you are in for high-quality audio along with a well-built user interface (size is over 500 MB). You can easily choose a scale and practice instruments.

NaadSadhana App Layout

You get over 100 ragas, 8 taals, and notes in Carnatic music styles. If you know someone who is keen to learn but is visually impaired, the app has full voice-over support to make it easy to use as well.

Get NaadSadhana

6. Riyaz: Learn Singing

Since you need a guru or an ear with better tone recognition when you are practicing, chances are won’t be always lucky to find someone who guides you. Riyaz app will fill that gap with on-screen real-time feedback. It consists of lessons ranging from alankars to sargams for classical music students. If you need tonal support, you can enable the tanpura too.

Riyaz: Learn Singing Layout

The only downside about the app is that it has a restriction of 10-minute sessions. You can upgrade to a monthly plan which comes at a cost of $2.5/month. You also need to sign in to use the app which is meant to track your progress.

Get Riyaz Learn Singing for iOS | Android

Riyaz Apps for Windows

7. Tanpura

Windows Store is infamous for the right reasons. Since there isn’t any good software we have to settle for this one if you are looking for riyaz apps. The app does not have the speed toggle as we saw in the Android app but you can sure change the key.

Tanpura app for Windows

You have a play and stop button along with the volume option. As I said, it is a bare minimum app. Since it can run offline, you can use it with your PC with ease.

Get Tanpura


So these were a few riyaz apps that you can use to practice or even while you perform. I recommend Sur Sadhak as it has a very basic interface, which can get you started with just a few taps. Mac also has a list of tanpura apps but since the majority are paid, I suggest using a virtual tanpura instead which is cheaper and easier to use.

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