3 ways to Rotate Video on iPhone (2018)

I’ve very recently started using the iPhone and while recording video one day I got the orientation wrong. The video was shot in Portrait instead of Landscape. I assumed that it was nothing and proceeded to the Photos app to change the orientation. To my surprise, you can’t rotate videos in the Photos app, although, you can rotate images in the Photos App. Weird.

If you have a video which has the incorrect orientation, you can turn off the auto orientation by swiping up and toggling the orientation lock which would allow you to view in a fixed orientation. This workaround is for kids and I know that’s not why you clicked on this article, therefore we’ll show you three actual ways with which you can rotate a video for iPhone.

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Rotate Video on iPhone

Method 1: Use iMovie extension

iMovie is a full-fledged video editor for your iPhone and does more than just rotating your videos. If you have just one job of rotating the videos, you would have to open the app, load your video and then change the orientation and save another clip in the Photos app, sounds like a chore. Well, there is one simple alternative, iMovie extension which is available in the Photos app. It is more like a shortcut to rotate your videos directly from the Photos app.

If you don’t already have iMovie on your iPhone, download iMovie it from the App Store. It’s an awesome free video editing app from Apple. 

Next, go to the Photos app and open your video that you would like to rotate. Next tap on 3 horizontal dots in the circle, at the bottom of the screen.

You’ll see the iMovie extension. Tap on that, to open the video with iMovie app. 

This would load a new screen where you can use your fingers to rotate the video.

When you’re satisfied with the orientation, hit the save button and your video would play in the correct orientation. This will replace the original video and saved it in the same location i.e. camera roll.

Method 2: Use an App

Now I understand that iMovie takes a lot of space on your iPhone and you can’t just download that app just for rotating videos. iMovie is a great video editor but if you don’t edit videos often, you can just download Rotate and Flip from the App Store. This app has only two functions, rotate and flip. You can flip the videos vertically, and horizontally and rotate the videos 360 degrees.

This is just a simple app if you need a more advanced editor you can check out this link.

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Open the app and load your video from the Photos app.

It would ask permission to access the Photos App, grant the permission.

Now you’ll see your Video with a few options on the bottom.

There is a rotate button in the middle that rotates the video 90 degrees clockwise.

Press the button and see if the video is oriented to your liking.

After this just press the Save button and it begins the rendering process.

Do not close the app or it would fail to save it to your Phone.

After it is done, unlike iMovie, it’ll save the video as a new file to the Photos app.

Method 3: Online Video Rotate

In the previous article, we showed you how to download twitter videos on your iPhone and there was no direct way because Apple doesn’t allow downloads directly from the browser. Now the star of the show was MyMedia File Manager which has an inbuilt web browser and lets you download the videos on your iPhone

We all must have used online video editors and they work great and don’t lie dormant in our devices. But Due to Apple’s restrictions, we couldn’t use it on the iPhone. MyMedia lets you use the online video rotating website and download the videos to your Photos app

If you don’t have MyMedia file Manager Download it from the App Store.

Open the app and tap the browser icon on the bottom left corner.

Now you can use any online video editor for this job, I used because of its simple and light.

Tap on Pick Video and choose your video from the Photos App.

It would upload the video to its server and give you two arrow buttons which rotate the video clockwise and anti-clockwise. It shows you a preview so that you get an idea when the video is in the right orientation.

You can also choose the aspect ratio and add borders.

Press Rotate Video

It would prompt you to download the file, you can now rename it and hit Save

You’ll see the download progress.

Once it’s done, tap on the downloaded file it will show you a few options, select save to camera roll and you’re done. Your video is now rotated and saved to the Photos App.

The Best Way to Rotate Video on iPhone?

We showed you three different ways with which you can rotate videos on your iPhone. Now if you have a collection of disoriented videos and wish to rotate them at once, it can be tiring and time-consuming on the phone but you can directly transfer them from your Phone and send it to your computer, Rotate it there and transfer it back to the iPhone. You can also use video apps like Movie Pro which lets you record in a fixed orientation and you can choose it before hitting record. Try these methods and tell us which method did you like or if you have a better one, comment us below.

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